Sleep, diet, exercise & vitamins for a healthy body


            Not everyone is equal in terms of nutritional body requirements. Each person has specific nutritional needs. We need to consider individual needs of our own body for a particular nutrition before we put ourselves under a restricted nutrition regime. Whenever we tend to go on diet, our body is no longer in a normal state. The abnormality could cause stress to our normal body systems. Anything that destabilize our systems may create an imbalance and make us unhealthy.

            A good nutrition and a balanced diet have positive effects and helpful for healthy living. We have to be careful on our choices of food. An advantage of exercise is shear reduction and reducing tension in our body . But we have to plan the physical activity requirements of our body. It is different in every person. (Hennig 2006).


            Sleep is a form of relaxing our body and calming it down. One way or the other, we have to shut off all of our cognitive functions in order to relieve our body of daily stresses. It is a way to refresh our body. Deprivation of sleep can result to many body imbalances, which is unhealthy, like in hormonal activity and metabolic processes. The importance of the (Kushida 2005).

            Illnesses can give stress to our body. It can give use up whatever nutrients stored in our body. This can result to vitamin deficiency. The medications we take whenever we get ill or sick interfere with our body nutrient. Thus, restoring our body nutrients is essential through the intake of some nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals.

            “The minerals that are essential in human nutrition are as diverse as their functions in      the body. They are constituents of body compounds such as bone, hemoglobin, and         enzymes. Minerals also function as free ions in hundreds of body reactions.” (Mitchell 6).

            All people need body nutrients to stay healthy. However, no pill can give all the nutrients our body needs, so we have to eat a variety of foods to receive all the nutrients our body needs. “Vitamins occur in food and the body in exceedingly small quantities, have diverse chemical structures, and are essential as regulators of body metabolism.” (Mitchell 6).

            Maintaining a healthy body through good nutrition, exercise, enough sleep, and vitamin intakes essential to the body is vital in reducing the risk of many diseases as one grows older. A good nutritional regime helps our body to fight diseases. It helps build our resistance and immunity against many diseases of the body. Many people stop their undesirable behaviors like excessive smoking and drinking, and alter their own eating habits due to the fact that proper nutrition is a vital piece of physical fitness. (Akande 758).

            Exercise routines have been taught in physical education classes, starting from an early age, many kids have got to know the importance of fitness. Regular exercise has been encouraged in order to achieve bodily improvement or just to plainly keep the body healthy. There are many exercise programs that have been commercialized in all types of media. This just suggests that exercising is a very common example of helping a person to have a healthy body. Many have seen changes with their physical performance due to regular exercise. Exercise helps keep the body become active, which in turn, provides many positive effects for a person.(Galluci 1995).

            There are so many exercises that can be performed. There are enough exercise routines for everybody. Even the ill people, or those who have sicknesses have appropriate exercise routines. Exercise is probably the most fun of all, with regards to sleep, diet and taking vitamins. The action of exercising provides a sense of activeness and somewhat helps a person become more motivated to be more healthy than before. There are so many different types of exercises that target different parts of the body, but nonetheless, these provide positive results and promote fitness and health.


            Clearly, in order to formulate and maintain a healthy body, we need regular sleep, diet, exercise and vitamins. These are essential elements that we should remember faithfully. There is a noticeable difference with regards to the number of healthy people that give importance to proper sleeping hours, appropriate diet, regular exercise and consistency in vitamin intake.

            Having to consider all of these aspects is not a hard thing to do, and many researches have proven that following the importance of all of these can help prolong one’s life. Performing exercise helps a person become more physically strong, thus, improving the body’s metabolism. Taking vitamins prevents people from acquiring illnesses. While proper diet and right number of sleeping hours helps the body to have complete, full-functioning systems. Thus, all of these increases the chances of a person to live longer, compared to people who neglect them. Keeping and maintaining a healthy body as we grow old becomes more difficult by the year because the more older you get, the more your body becomes more prone to sicknesses due to the weakening of your bodily functions. Thus, we need to develop a healthy body even from an early age. This can help the prepare the body as we grow old. The aspects mentioned above are essentials aspects of healthy body. They help a person become healthier and maintain a more nutritionally sound body.

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