Six-week training programme

I am going to conduct a six-week training programme that will improve my performance in my chosen sport, football. The aim of the training programme is to improve my stamina, which will therefore affect my match performance. I would describe myself as a healthy person, and fairly fit too. Over the course of this programme I aim to improve my stamina level, but by conducting exercises to do this I will also improve other factors. These are the way my body looks and muscular strength.

The reason the way my body looks will be affected is because, the more exercise I do, the more weight I will lose and therefore my body will become more attractive. The reason my muscular strength will be affected is because, as I do more exercise, the muscles that are being used in each separate exercise are being strengthened. To see if my stamina improves over the six week period I am going to do a 2000 metre run at the end of each weeks training and I will see if my time decreases. If my time does decrease, then I will have achieved my goal in improving my stamina levels.

On days that I do not do any training, I will use this time to do stretching at home so my muscles do not stiffen up and also my flexibility is improved. Exercise Plan The FITT Principle The FITT principle is F – Frequency I – Intensity T- Time T – Type Frequency – I am going to go to the gym three times a week and each session will last one hour. Other activities that I will do every day will include stretches. At the end of every week, I will also carry out a 2000 metre run to see if my time is getting quicker, therefore seeing if my stamina is improving.

One day a week, I will be doing gaelic football training for two hours. Intensity – In each training session that I do at the gym, I will be doing continuous training on the running machine, rowing machine and the cycling machine with small gaps for a changeover period. When doing sit ups at home I will do 50 sit ups continuously, I will then have a 30 second break and then do another 50. I will repeat this pattern twice, therefore doing 200 sit-ups in total. Time – Each gym session will last one hour. Playing five a side football will last two hours.

Playing gaelic football will last two hours and doing sit ups and stretches will take varying amounts of time. Type – Doing exercise in the gym will raise my pulse rate into the target zone and keep it there for about 30 minutes. The warm up phase will last 10 minutes and the cool down phase will last 10 to 15 minutes with the rest of the time being allowed for changeover between activities. The two sessions of football will have time that is allocated for a warm up and a warm down, with the rest of the time being used to keep my pulse rate in the target zone.

The SPORT Principle S – Specificity P – Progression O – Overload R – Reversibility T – Tedium Specificity – I will be working specifically to improve my stamina level. I will also conduct exercises which will benefit my stamina, but will also be directly linked to my specific sport, which is football. Progression – In each session of exercise, I will start off slowly and gradually increase the rate I am working at. Overload – I will train hard enough so that my stamina level will increase. Each session will last for a suitable amount of time and I will also train regularly.

Reversibility – This means that any changes that occur as a result of training will reverse if I stop training. To prevent the changes that occur reversing, I will continue to train at a suitable level to maintain and even increase my stamina level in the future. Tedium – I will prevent myself becoming bored through varying different aspects of my exercise plan. I will also do exercise that will benefit my stamina, but will also be directly linked to my specific sport, which is football. This will make the exercise more enjoyable and more specific to my sport.

Aerobic or Anaerobic Exercise To improve my stamina I will carry out aerobic exercise. This means that I am doing exercise with oxygen. This is because the exercise is not too fast and is steady, and the heart can supply all the oxygen the muscles need. This will help me to improve my stamina more than anaerobic exercise would. This is because I am not doing my exercise at high speed in which case I would use anaerobic exercise. This is because anaerobic exercise is doing short, fast bursts of speed, which I am not doing.

Doing aerobic exercise means that I will not produce lactic acid in my muscles. Lactic acid occurs when a person carries out anaerobic respiration and a lack of oxygen can lead to stiffness and cramp. Aerobic training will help my circulatory and respiratory systems. Circulation System Doing aerobic training will make my body produce more red blood cells. This will mean I can transport more oxygen around my body. My arteries will get bigger and stretchier which will mean my blood pressure falls.

More capillaries will form in my muscles so oxygen is delivered more efficiently. The walls of my heart will get thicker and the heart in general will get bigger (as it is a muscle and as muscles are developed they get bigger. ) This will mean that I will have a bigger stroke volume, and so my heart can beat more slowly, yet still pump the same amount of blood. After exercising, my heart rate will fall to its resting level more quickly. Respiratory System My diaphragm and intercostal muscles will get stronger, meaning that my chest cavity will become larger.

With a larger chest cavity I will be able to breathe more air in, so my vital capacity increases. More capillaries will grow around the alveoli so more carbon dioxide can be swapped at any time. Because gas exchange will be quicker, I will be able to keep up vigorous exercise for longer, meaning that my stamina will increase. Circulatory System Cardiovascular fitness is the ability to exercise the body for long periods of time. It requires a strong heart and clear blood vessels to supply the muscles with plenty of oxygen via the blood. I am looking to improve my stamina.

As a result of this, my cardiovascular fitness will also be increased, as my heart will become stronger and be able to pump more blood out of the heart. Through increasing my cardiovascular fitness, my stroke volume will also be increased. Stroke volume is the amount of blood pumped by the heart per beat. As my heart becomes stronger, it will be able to pump more blood out of the heart per beat. As a result of my stroke volume increasing, my cardiac output will also increase. This is because the cardiac output is measured by multiplying the stroke volume and the heart rate.

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