Designing a five week training schedule

I have been given the task of designing a five week training schedule; I will be required to carry out this training programme in order to achieve full marks. I have to design this training proggramme to improve the level of fitness in a certain sport. The sport I have chosen to base my training proggramme around is football. I have chosen football as my sport to concentrate on because I enjoy playing the sport and it is the main sport that I play.

I play Football most weekends for about three hours, but do not play for a local team. I hope that by carrying out my training proggramme I will become fitter and more skilled in Football, therefore joining my local team. This is something that I will hopefully carry out and this training proggramme will not only improve my football skills, but my level of fitness also and therefore being able to participate in many other sports.

My present level of fitness is about average, I do play a lot of sport but I am a smoker at present. I play football at break times and lunchtimes for about half an hour each day, also I participate in P.E at school and play football. I always play football on a Saturday afternoon every weekend for approximately three hours I do a lot of walking to peoples houses as well; I think that to improve dramatically I will need to quit smoking, as I would be above average if I did not smoke.

In football you need many requirements that are not just skill related, but also general fitness these are speed, this is needed to outrun the defenders or if you are a defender you need to be able to catch up a forward, this is how Michael Owen scores many of his goals. You need agility which also will help you turn defenders and get more space to get a shot in. Strength is another aspect which is needed in football so that you can win more in the air challenges and to shrug of a defender when doing a run, again Michael Owen is an example as he looses many goals as he is out powered by many defenders.

You need muscular endurance as your muscles are working for ninety minutes with one fifth teen minute rest, if you did not have muscular endurance you would not be able to go the full ninety minutes. You will need stamina (cardio respiratory endurance) for much the same reason. As a forward I would need more anaerobic respiration rather than aerobic respiration as I would be making quit outbursts of speed (making a run) rather than doing a long distance jog.

What do I want to improve! In the above I already have above average speed, but I will still want to improve this as speed is an ideal strength to have. Also I have good agility which helps me to turn defenders, but I need to learn more skills to get past defenders. These are the two that I will not be concentrating on as much as the other aspects. I will be hoping to good at all aspects by the end of the training schedule.

I will be concentrating on specific fitness because skill is the main requirement of playing football although you do need general fitness to help in playing all sports not just football. I will also be concentrating on the leg muscles, because they are the main muscles that I will use in football, I will try to strengthen my leg muscles in order to improve the power and speed of my shots therefore beating the keeper more often, I need to improve my stamina so that I can last the full ninety minutes.

I am going to test and evaluate my fitness level before and after I do my training programme, and after each week, this is to gradually see how I am improving, each week I will up the amount of reps or time that I perform each exercise. I will test my fitness by doing the bleep test and the Harvard step test these both test my stamina. This is important in my training programme. As I am looking at developing my leg muscles I must ensure that I balance out each muscle so that I do not damage my joints. Some tests that I could do to strengthen my leg muscles would be squats, shuttle runs, skip jumps and jumping on the spot.

The importance of a warm up is to avoid injury and loosen up the muscles, to warm up the muscles so they can fully contract, to prepare the body for exercise by increasing the heart rate and breath rate, mentally prepares mind and body for exercise so that you are ready to take part in the sport. A cool down is important because it, gets your body back to normal, lowers your heart rate and breathing, replaces the oxygen debt in your muscles, this gets rid of lactic acid which causes stiffness, gets rid of the extra blood in your body and muscles, sends a message to your brain saying that you do not need as much oxygen.

In my warm up and cool down I will include stretches to prevent pulling my muscles; these stretches will include the groin stretch and the hamstring stretch, the quadriceps, the calf and the triceps. 1. Groin stretch: stand with feet shoulder width apart, and lean to one side as far as you can and hold it there. 2. Hamstring stretch: stand with feet shoulder width apart put one foot forward and put your weight on it and hold that position.

Quadriceps stretch: stand with feet together and lift one foot with your hand and make your heel touch your gluteus maximus. 4. The calf stretch: stand with feet together and lift at your foot not but not at your knee and hold your foot in that position. 5. Triceps stretch: hold your arm across your body with your other arm and hold it there. Also in my warm up and cool down I will do a jog to get my heart rate up I will gradually gain pace to a sprint but a short distance sprint. 6. jogging: do a slow run 7. jogging backwards: slow run backwards 8. short sprints: full speed run for a short distance 9. then re-do the stretches 10. shake of all joints.

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