6 Week Training Program

I want to get more fitter because I want to play as a centre midfielder in football, I have not had any injuries in the past apart from a few back problems. I think that for someone who is 14 years of age my fitness level is above average I have no health problems like asthma and haven’t had in the past. I plan on changing my exercise activity’s every day so that I wont be or get bored. I am planning to work on my own because its easier for me otherwise I get put off. The aspects of fitness I am going to try and improve are cardiovascular endurance,muscular endurance,agility,strength balance.

Week 1 Monday on the first day I will do a fitness test to measure my fitness before I start. There will be only 5 tests as I only need to test the skills I need to improve. These tests will be Monday I am going to start by doing a warm up this is important so you don’t injure your self while training. In the warm up I will do 5 minutes stretching 5 minutes jogging and 10 minute activity such as passing to improve my passing ability. My main activity that day will be a cooper run to test and improve my cardiovascular endurance this will take about 12 minute and 1 lap will equal 100m after I have done that I will still have some time left so I will practice my passing for 10 minutes and then do a warm down the warm down will be 5minutues jogging and 5 minutes stretching and that will be the end of my day ant my first week.

Week 2 Monday On Monday I will start of with a warm up I will do a 5m minute jog and a 5minute stretch and for 10 minutes I will practice my shooting after the warm up the main activity for the day will be circuit training the circuit will consist of 5 stations I will spend 30 seconds on each station then a 30 second rest I will repeat the circuit 2 times this will be 20 minutes long and then I will do a warm down 5minutues walking and 5minutues stretching that will be all for Monday week2 Thursday Today I will do a warm up and the main activity for that day will be fartlek training fartlek is a typical running session it involves many changing of speed and can last as much as you want it to from 20 minutes to 1 hour. in the days training I will do Activity Time(minutes)

Fast walk 5 fast run 5 jog 7 up hill jog 5 fast skip 7 slow skip 1 the total time for the fartlek training will be 30minutues after I will do a 5 minute walk and a 5 minute stretch week2 Sunday I will start by doing a 5minute jog and a 5minute stretch on Sunday first I will do a on this day I will play a 30 minute match because I think I have not trained myself enough to overload my self and to see if I have made any progression . At the end of the match I will do a 5minute walk and a 5minute stretch to cool down Week 3 Monday On this day I will start of with a shorter warm up which will be 4 minutes hogging and 4mintues stretching after I have done that for 12 minutes I will practice my dribbling skills.

The main activity of the day will be weight training to increase my power. To increase power , I will have to use a heavy load and a small number of repetitions, lifting the load as fast as possible. I will lift 30 kg as fast as possible and will do a small number of repetitions this will take 5 minutes after this I will rest another 5 minutes then I will do the same again I will repeat this process 3times this main activity will take approximately 30minutues after I have done the main activity for the day I will carry on a bit with my dribbling then I will do a cool down for 8minutues 4minutues jogging and 4minutues stretching.

Week 3 Wednesday on this day I will start of with a warm up which will be 4 minute jog and a 4minute stretching exercise after this I will work on my shooting for 12 minutes so the total time for the warm up will be 20 minutes for the day will be a continuous run at the same pace, I will run a distance of 3000m in 30inutues or under. there will be no rest till I have finished the run. After I have finished I will practice my shooting again for 5mintues after I will do a 5minute walk and 5 minute stretch as a cool down Week 3 Friday.

I will start this day of by doing a 20 minute warm up I will do a 4 minute jog and a 4minute stretch after I will do a 12 minute passing session to improve my passing then In the main activity of the day I will try to improve my strength by Lifting a heavy load with a small number of repetitions I will lift 40kg steadily with a small number of repetitions and I will do this for 5 minutes after I will take a rest for 5 minutes and then I will repeat this 3 times and the total time should be 30minutues after this I will do another 5minute passing session and then I will do 5minute jog and a 5minute stretch as a cool down

The total time for the main activity will be 30 minutes after that I will do a cool down 5minute passing session and a 5minute jog and a 5minute stretch Week 4 Sunday Today I will play a 40 minute minute match I …

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