Sarcoptes scabiei

Like the heart, stomach, and brain, our skin is an organ. In fact, it’s the largest organ in human body. Everyone must be aware that skin has an important job to do as stated by Hyde (2009). In fact it has a major role in our life; first it serves as external covering making us not susceptible from bacteria and protects us against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Second, it contains networks of nerves making us feel pain and vibration, It helps you warm up when you’re cold and can cool you off when you’re hot. It let you feel things by touch.

It provides also means of communication through facial expression whether we are happy, lonely, sad and mad and some aspects of physical appearance and attractiveness ( Craven, Hernie, 2009). Skin has a most important part hooked on our life but it is known that most of us readily take for granted skin problem especially in children. This must be due to mistaken belief that skin problem are superficial issues which won’t actually affect our health. But remember that skin mirrors the general condition of our body ( Kingman, 2012).

Children specifically the pre-school is more vulnerable to skin disease such as scabies. The problem of scabies is found globally. Study shows that almost 300 million is suffering from scabies worldwide and it affects all races (Global health, 2010). Survey conducted and result shows that up to 60% of people in both rural and urban areas in developing countries agonize from scabies and it is most common among children (World Health Organization, 2012). Scabies can be passed easily by an infected person to his or her family members through skin to skin contact (Global health, 2010).

The responsible for this skin disease is a dust mite known as sarcoptes scabie. This type of mite could penetrate deeper to invade our tissue, causing, itchiness, abrasion, pencil like in the skin and blisters. This mite is very tiny not even visible with our naked eye. In order for them to live they need human host, this parasite could possibly live up to a month or a year after they could lay their eggs and hatch. (Nettleman, M. ,Stoppler,M. , 2012). The identified sign and symptoms could cause discomfort to the infected individuals.

Usually children having sign and symptoms of scabies is located in the shoulders, head, neck, palms. Once the child is infected of this it has higher impact to their life. It could result lose productivity at school and more crucial it would result to discrimination due to disfigurement of the skin. But the most difficult effect of this it could affect her/his personality and could change their future. Because of this proper management of scabies is essential to prevent this to happen ( Kingman, 2012). Parents especially the mother is responsible for the health of their children.

They are accountable for every action they would partake. Since children are dependent to them. It is important that as a mother they will know what would be the appropriate intervention for scabies. The study is conducted to assess the level of awareness of the mother in terms of management of scabies among their children residing in Purok 7, Tamayong, Calinan Davao City. This place is located in remote area where transportation is not available, in order for them to reach the nearest health center they would hike for almost one and half hour. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework.

Environmental theory by Nightingale, define environment as all the external conditions and influences affecting the life and development of an organism and capable of suppressing, or contributing to the disease. The signs and symptoms of scabies that occur to the children in Purok 7, Tamayong, Calinan is cause by an environmental condition specifically the presence of mites in their household. Persons with crusted scabies is consider highly infectious and can transmit scabies indirectly by shedding mites that contaminate items found in home environment such as their, clothes, beddings, and furniture.

Leading to the cause of this skin condition, regardless of it, this environmental factor serves as the main contributory mechanism to the occurrence of such disease. On the other hand, Dorothea Orem develops the self- care deficit theory. It is also known as the Orem model of nursing. It is particularly used in rehabilitation and primary care settings where the patient is encouraged to be as independent as possible.

Which simply means client is allowed to perform their own self-care to the best of their ability. Furthermore, since the causative agent of scabies cannot be seen by our naked eye, it is a must that the members of the family knows on how to prevent, protects, and do there self-care management to promote person’s wellbeing due to the presence of the signs and symptoms of scabies. Individual who is suffering from scabies would manifest rashes, and open wound due to the presence of mites in the body, in order to control spread and progression of disease it is necessary to practice hygienic measures such as maintaining intact skin by practicing self care.

There is also a need to educate the people about independently caring for themselves in terms of how to manage the condition, including their treatment and on how to prevent the spread of the disease. Moreover, Lydia Hall speaks about core, care and cure. Which emphasize that the core involves the patient’s behavior and values. Regarding these since the patient experience the symptoms of scabies, this person must know about his/her behaviour in preventing the spread of the disease and on how to control it. On the other hand, Lydia talks about care which is a need to this person experiencing the symptoms of scabies.

The family needs to know on how to handle the situation, and on what are the interventions that needs to be done in order to control and avoid the spread of this disease. Lastly, cure is very important since the child will experience discomfort and difficulty handling the condition, there must be a treatment and medical advises in order address and treat the disease. Definition of Terms Awareness. Refers to the knowledge of the mother having assessed for the management of the sign and symptoms of scabies. (Mosby, 2008)| | Sign and Symptoms.

This is an indication of the existence of something change in a patient’s condition. In this study it concentrate to the manifestation of scabies such as abraisions, itchiness, rashes, and lesion (Mosby, 2008). . Scabies. This is a skin disease commonly encountered by the children that is relatively contagious infection caused by a tiny mite (Sarcoptes scabiei). It would usually manifest itchiness, rashes, lesion, redness and pencil like in the finger and abrasions. Home Care management. These are activities done by the Mother to alleviate the effects of the presence of children affected with scabies.

These practices are based on the medical knowledge, such as consulting to physician, environmental sanitation, use of anti-bacterial soap and tec. Children – biologically, a child (plural: children) is generally a human between the stages of birth and puberty. The legal definition of “child” generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority. “Child” may also describe a relationship with a parent or authority figure, or signify group membership in a clan, tribe, or religion;

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