What is Dwarfism?

Height is something that everyone wants to improve. As time progresses, all of us know that our body also develops along with it. So, it is just normal that our bodies grow better, bigger, and stronger as time passes. possible that that person could actually be suffering from a medical condition known as dwarfism. But sometimes, some people are just plain small in height. The first thing that people will think is that person is just a midget or a kid when he or she could actually be even much older than you. However, the truth behind that is it is Dwarfism Symptoms.

Dwarfism may be a condition that often appears immediately after birth, but it also has its very own signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms appear immediately after the person came out of his or her mother’s womb. Though there are a few signs and symptoms of dwarfism, there is very little way to cure this unusual condition. The very first and obvious thing that you would notice is the baby’s very rather unusual size. The newborn baby wills already much smaller in height than any regular baby should be. But sometimes, the parents would coin that it is still a newborn baby and therefore conclude that it would continue to grow.

Now the best sign of dwarfism can be detected through a regular routine of check-ups. It is very important to keep track of the height of the suspected person. A doctor should routinely be consulted for the minimum height requirement set for any child and person. If the person fails to meet the minimum height requirement at a very abnormal rate, then it could be concluded that that person has dwarfism. Dwarfism Causes Dwarfism is not your everyday normal condition. Unlike others, it cannot be obtained from a disease.

Instead, this condition will rely on the genes of both the filial parents of the patient. It is very impossible for you to get that condition from a person suffering from dwarfism. For you to know the true reason and cause of dwarfism, you will have to look on genetics and the suffering person’s family hierarchy and lineage. Dwarfism is an inherited disease which is inherited from older generations of one’s very own family. Also, even if the patient’s own mother and father are not suffering from dwarfism it is still possible that dwarfism will be inherited through the grandparent’s genes.

The rule of inheriting the genes of older generations still apply and if any family member from the same blood is known to be suffering from this condition, then there is still a possibility of having dwarfism and inheriting it as well. Other than that, dwarfism can also be caused by the own parents themselves. If the mother suffers from several different and specific maternal health problems, then the possibility is high that their child may soon suffer from dwarfism once he or she is born.

If the mother has toxemia, any heart disease, infections like rubella, any type of kidney disease, and any sort of maternal malnutrition will increase the chances of triggering or causing dwarfism to that parent’s offspring. Also, keep in mind that the age of the parent also depends. If in some case, the mother is still in her adolescence due to any reason and is pregnant; the chances are quite high that the child may suffer from dwarfism due to the fact that her uterus is still too small for the baby to properly and comfortably develop which is also called uterine constraint.

The environment and the lifestyle of a mother is also a very strong factor in causing dwarfism to her child. If the parent is a distinctive user of tobacco and is a smoker, it may have effect on the child which may also cause dwarfism. Twins are also prone to dwarfism but may show to be normal during the first years of life but dwarfism will be easily recognizable in their future. And also, hormone deficiency is also a known cause of dwarfism. Dwarfism Treatment Sadly, dwarfism has no known cure up to this day. So the best way for combating dwarfism is only by means of prevention.

The parent, especially the mother should maintain her health as well. When she is pregnant with a child then she should really ensure that her health is at very good condition. Avoiding smoking areas and other risky environments are also essential to the prevention of dwarfism. Planning is also a very important thing. Needless to say that pregnancy when a girl is still an adolescent can and must definitely be avoided to prevent giving birth to a child which would have dwarfism. The parent should also develop a very healthy lifestyle.

By having a well balanced and very nutritious diet at least during the times of pregnancy is a very great way to prevent dwarfism from occurring to the child. Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and of course any sort of illegal and strong unnecessary drug, are also very important to prevent dwarfism. Now, for the people who are suffering for dwarfism, it is all just a simple matter of acceptance. By learning how to accept the condition is a very great thing to do and it is definitely a must. Accept that there is still no definite cure for dwarfism but remember to maintain optimistic and keep a positive view on life no matter what happens.

Just ready yourself from preventing and treating some conditions which will come with the condition during the later years. But if you want, then you can begin to gamble and go for a hormone replacement therapy which is a known way that has some chance to improving your condition and dwarfism. However, until today, hormone replacement therapy still does not promise a one hundred percent chance of curing dwarfism. Just keep in mind that consulting a doctor on any complication that may arrive and at the same time stays positive that there will be a cure someday.

Height is something that everyone wants to improve. As time progresses, all of us know that our body also develops along with it. So, it is just normal that our bodies grow better, bigger, and stronger as time passes. possible …

Height is something that everyone wants to improve. As time progresses, all of us know that our body also develops along with it. So, it is just normal that our bodies grow better, bigger, and stronger as time passes. possible …

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