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|Education | | |Oct 2011 |Passed the First Aid in St. John Ambulance | |June 2011 |Completed the Certificate in Building a Safe Medicine Use System in Residential Care Homes by CUHK | |May 2010 |Completed the IELTS Preparation Course at HKCT | |Aug 2009 |??????????? ??????

| |Feb 2009 |Completed the Certificate Programme on Elderly Care | | |Establishment Management : A Practical Approach in Hong Kong Management Association | |Apr 2008 |Completed 12 subjects in Bachelor in Business | | |Management in National University of Ireland, Dublin | | |Human Resource Management, Economic Policy, MRP, Managing Change, | | |Cross Cultural Management, Management Organization, Business Strategy, | | |Project Management, Operation and Technology Management, E-Commerce | |

|and Application, International Business, Entrepreneurship | |Oct 2006 |Passed 6 subjects in Advanced Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science | | |Physiology, General Chemistry, Technical Writing, Microbiology, | | |Pharmaceutical Analysis, Physical Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutical Chemistry | |Aug 2005 |Completed a Fundamental Venipuncture Techniques for Phlebotomists | | |Course | | |Handling of Venipunctures Using of Vacutainer System, Syringes System and | | |Winged Infusion Set | |Sept 2004 |Passed 2 subjects in Certificate in Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical | | |

Management | | |Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Management | |July 2003 |Passed 6 subjects and credit in Vocational Certificate for Dispensing | | |Assistant | | |Pharmaceutics, Action & Uses of Drug, English, Human Biology and | | |Dispensing Science | |May 2001 |Passed 6 subjects in HKCEE | | |Chinese Language-C, English Language (Syllabus B)-E, Chemistry-E, | | |Physics-E, Mathematics-C, Additional Mathematics-D | |May 2001 |F. 5 graduate in Kit Sam Secondary School |

|Work Experience | | |Jun 2006- Now |Dispenser (in chief) in Haven of Hope Christian Service Haven of | | |Hope Woo Ping C&A Home | | |-Dispensing Drug for 200 clients | | |-Management in stock of drug | | |-Educate and provide latest information about pharmaceutical management | | |and drug development | | |-Doing Medical Search with Tseung Kwan O Hospital Pharmacy Department | | |-Discuss with diabetes their daily meal for each patient | | | | |Oct 2005- May 2006 |Clinic Assistant (in chief) in Dr. Joseph K. W Chan Specialist in | | |Respiratory Medicine | | |-Reconciled cash and made daily deposit | | |-Trained Computer users in new software | | |-Assisted management in stock of drug and dispensing medicine | | |-Assisted Consultation and performed ECG, Lung Function Test and Skin Test | | | | |July 2005- Sept 2005 |Clinic Assistant in Dr. Belinda F. H.

Leung Specialist in Obstetric & | | |Gynaecology | | |-Reconciled cash and made daily deposit | | |-Trained Computer users in new software | | |-Assisted management in stock of drug and dispensing medicine | | |- Assisted Consultation and in surgical procedures | | | | |Jan 2004-June 2005 |Dental Assistant (in chief) in Dr. Sherwood S. L. Cheuk Dental Clinic | | |-Reconciled cash and made daily deposit | | |-Trained Computer users in new software | | |-Assisted management in stock of drug and dispensing medicine | | |-Assisted in surgical procedures | | | | |

Sept 2003-Nov 2003 |Clinic Assistant in Dr. Lau, Chu-Pak Specialist in Cardiology Clinic | | |-Performed the ECG,Treadmill, Holder | | |-Assisted Consultation and dispensing drug | | | | |June 2001-Sept 2003 |Sales in Ngai Hoi Dispensary Company | | |-Reconciled cash and made daily deposit | | |-Trained Computer users in new software | | |-Assisted management in stock of medicine and dispensing drug | | | | |Skill |Having good computer skills including MS word/ Excel/ Acess/ Internet/ Power-Point | | |Fluent in English, Chinese and Putonghua | Miss Ko Ming Wai Flat 1213, Wang Fai Hse Wang Tau Hom Estate, Kowloon 16 April 2012 Dear Sir/ Madam, Re: Application for Dispenser I would like to apply for the position of Dispenser. As you may see from the resume enclosed.

In order to gain experience in dispensing medicine, I have been worked in Ngai Hoi Dispensary Company for two years. From September 2003 to May 2006, I changed my working environment on clinic and worked with different type of specialists on Cardiology, Dental, Gynecology and Respiratory Medicine as clinic assistant (in chief). My main duty in this period was dispensing medicine under my dispensing qualification. And I was also in charge performing ECG, Treadmill, assisting consultation, reconciling cash and making daily deposit, assisting management in stock of drug and assisting in surgical procedures. During June 2006, I worked in Haven of Hope Woo ping Care and Attention Home as dispenser.

My major duty and responsibilities are dispensing drugs in the Webster System, maintaining an adequate supply of drugs and medical supplies, constantly checking the expiry date of the medical supplies, materializing proper storage of medical supplies regarding humidity and temperature, advising properly patients with close collaboration with Medical Staffs on the use of drugs, attending appropriate seminars workshops and refresher courses to update knowledge, performing duties related to pharmaceutical work.

I have completed the Vocational Certificate for Dispensing Assistant in IVE and the Certificate in Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Management in HKU SPACE. Base on the six subjects in Advanced Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science, I learn more the drug’s mechanism of action and efficacy of drug interaction between doses. Professional knowledge of the drug regulation, drug registration, production supervision, cost planning, clinical trials, drug retail, drug use, and rationing system elements.

Common types and names of prescription drugs are described and to understand more health care and diseases on the drug application. In the continuation of a comprehensive dispensing training to improve the professional processes and skills required for the operation in order to achieve the level of safety. Application of drug procurement and inventory systems management necessary practical skills to the proper management of drugs. I completed a Bachelor in Business Management in University College Dublin in Ireland. This programme is aimed at training personnel employed in the pharmaceutical business sector I have contained the Certificate Programme on Elderly Care Establishment Management : A Practical Approach in Hong Kong Management Association.

This course is designed for the training of health professor to enhance the supervision on elderly care and drug management Another curriculum is to learn the long-term physical ill, psychosocial needs of elderly patients and residential care homes management. I have obtained a first aid certificate from St. John Ambulance. This is an active course that covers the basic skills necessary to deal with time priority emergencies. It includes initial assessment, respiratory distress, CPR, AED, bleeding, unconsciousness, shock, poisons, and secondary assessment.

I have completed a Fundamental Venipuncture Techniques for Phlebotomists Course from 16th July, 2005 to 24th July, 2005(20 hours) and passed the requisite assessment and examination on the effective handling of Venipunctures Using of Vacutainer System, Syringes System and Winged Infusion Set.

It provides the correct theory and techniques for phlebotomists shown the quality care to ensure adequate blood samples taken foe laboratory and avoid accidental injury by the needle. I am competent in computer skills and can use MS word, Excel, Power-Point, Access and internet, including Chinese word processing. Since I am a voluntary worker, I think I can provide the best service to customers. I would be very willing to come for an interview you might deem necessary. I have enclosed my resume so you can see my qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

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