Protection society

The beginning of struggle for should be considered time when have been organized societies for this purpose of and the legislation for animals protection began creating. Public organizations on animals protection from cruelty have arisen for the first time in the Great Britain. The first had been created the in 1824 in London. English queen Victoria reigning almost all XIX century, was the big lover of animals; she patronized the Society on animals protection from cruelty, in her honor it has received the name Royal.

Queen Victoria could lift public prestige of the Society that was extremely important for its successful job, for overcoming the scornful attitude of the public to questions of animal protection. Some members of the Society belonged to English aristocracy, and it also strengthened the status of the Society. (Guithe) After 1824 animal protection societies have starting to create in the different countries of Europe: in the Scandinavian countries, in Germany, Switzerland and others.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been created in 1856. Its founder became rich New York citizen Henry Bergh. Within 70th years Bergh tried to carry out the legislation against a vivisection, but it was unsuccessful (ASPCA). Struggle against the vivisection proceeded later. The outstanding American physicians regretted that the vivisection deprives students-physicians of natural feeling of humanity, compassions. The professor of medicine in Harvard H.

Bygelow wrote: “Look at students during a vivisection. All their attention is not paid to science, but to blood and sufferings at which they look, having concealed breath. If job in hospital makes young students less susceptible to sufferings, the vivisection kills their humanity and generates indifference to it”. He wrote: “There will be time when the world will look at a modern vivisection in the name of science, as he looks now at burning of people on a fire in the name of religion” (Singer 113).

In 1877 the American animal protection societies were united and have formed the American Humanity Association; one of its tasks was to facilitate fate of cattle which have been transported to massacres through all country in inadmissible conditions: thousand animals have been died on the way because them often did not feed and not given drink. In the beginning of XX century animal protection movement was spread to the countries of English empire; animal protection societies, first of all domestic, have been created, in India, Africa, Australia, Canada.

Movement has reached even Japan which supported close contacts with the English-speaking countries. English defenders of animals have formed a joint English-Italian animal protection society in Italy; with support of English money the Fund of animal protection has been organized as well in Greece. (Guithe) After animal protection societies have arisen on all continents, there was a question about creation of international organization.

With the initiative of creation such international Body on animal cruelty prevention, has seconded the Royal society in the Great Britain, and in 1959 one more Body – the International animal protection society has been created, which have organized in common Royal Society (Great Britain) and Massachusetts Society on animal cruelty prevention (USA). The International Society has created system of inspectors, which conducted job in different corners of the globe, helping animals, conducting educational job in the countries of the Third world. (Guithe)

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