Prevention and Treatment on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Prevention is better than cure. Truly, it is more advantageous if the problem against drug and alcohol abuse should be prevented much earlier rather than finding ways on how it can be cured. With the mentioned ill-effects and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, the North American region has really a reason to formulate and establish preventive measures and treatment in order to address the problems on drug and alcohol abuse.

The first and primary mechanism that was being done by the North American region, particularly in Canada and US, was the establishment of rehabilitation centers that would treat individuals who became drug and alcohol-dependent. The goal of such approach was to rehabilitate those individuals who were involved in drug and alcohol abuse. Also, it was institutionalized to confine those individuals so as to minimize the cases of drug and alcohol abuse-related crimes. (Fleming, 2006)

In rehabilitation centers, those drug and alcohol dependent was being treated by medication and psychological treatments. These treatments were done to lower the urge that motivated the patients to use drugs and alcohol. (Cohen, 1982) On the other hand, the governments in North America were trying to strengthen their laws and policies regarding drug and alcohol abuse by passing and enacting bills that were really necessary for the minimization if not totally elimination of the cases of drug and alcohol abuse.

(Fleming, 2006) The international community, particularly the United Nations and World Health Organization, has been helping and supporting such campaign against drug and alcohol abuse by including in promoting a total war against drug manufacturers and drug pushers. The UN has been also doing great effort in neutralizing major drug zones in the globe. (World Drug Report 2000, 2001) Future Direction

If the individuals would really help the government in its goal to eliminate drug and alcohol abuse by participating and being involved in anti-drugs and alcohol programs and campaigns; and by being vigilant against trades on illegal drugs then the said goal would really be achieved. The world is now moving towards globalization. And through globalization every region of the world as well as all parts of it could really merge and joined forces in countering the problems on drug and alcohol abuse.

The key concepts are willingness, responsibility and discipline. If people are really willing to eliminate the cases of drug and alcohol abuse then they would accept the responsibility of fighting against illicit drugs and alcoholism. By being a disciplined person, he or she can really help to achieve such endeavor by starting it with his or her own actions.


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