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Introduction I. Try to imagine this scene. A. You are in a labor room while your husband is nervously waiting next to you. B. You delivered your baby, your baby is crying, suddenly it stops. C. Your baby is having difficulty in breathing, the doctor try to help with everything he could. D. But it is too late- your baby died due to respiratory problem because of your irresponsible act, smoking shisha. II. Let me give you some information on shisha. A. India and Pakistan is said to be the origins of shisha, then became popular in Turkey. B. Shisha has various name such as hookah,narghile or qalyan.

C. Hookah is a pipe instrument consists of smoke chamber, a bowl ,a pipe and a rubber hose. D. Usually, charcoal is used to heat tobacco, then the smoke flows through water, rubber hose and lastly to a mouthpiece. E. A session of smoking shisha can last around 60 minutes which is equivalent to more than 100 cigarettes smoking. III. We have done extensive reading about researches and studies on the effects of smoking shisha. IV. Smoking shisha can be a major cause of respiratory disease, developing various cancers and resulting in low birth weight baby when shisha is smoke by pregnant women.

BODY I. One of the diseases caused by smoking shisha is respiratory disease. A. Shisha tobacco is not 100% free from tar. 1. Tar is produces each time a charcoal used to heat tobacco. 2. Toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, carcinogens and heavy metals are greater in shisha smokes compare to cigarette. B. Carbon monoxide causes emphysema. 1. Emphysema occurs when air sacs or alveoli are expands with unwanted air. 2. Enlargement of alveoli destroys the walls resulting difficulty in oxygen and carbon monoxide interchange. 3.

Emphysema obstructs normal airflows due to lesser elasticity of the lung. C. Shisha leads to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). 1. COPD is the occurrence of emphysema, develop in hookah smokers which causes breath shortness or dysphea due to limited respiratory process. 2. COPD occurs when noxious particle creates an inflammable sense in the lung. 3. COPD can destroy lung and worsen over time. (Transition : Now that you know about respiratory disease, let me move to second affect which is cancer) II. Shisha bar vigorously develop cancer. A.

Toxic elements and chemicals added the risk of cancer. 1. Smoking shisha session is much longer than smoking cigarettes which develop higher exposure to harmful substances. B. Shisha is the factor of oral cancer development. 1. Smoking shisha causes cancers of the lip, tongue, mouth and throat. 2. Tobacco juice initiates irritation which leads to uncomfortable sore and not easily to be cure. 3. Improper sanitation of mouthpiece transmitted bacteria which worsen the infection. 4. Symptoms are swelling or lumps on lips, gums, unexplained bleeding in the mouth etc. C.

Shisha leads to lung cancer. 1. Lung cancer begins with unwanted growth of cells in tissues of the lung. 2. Metastasis process takes place where the cell growth infected inside the lung, tissue and spread to the entire body. 3. Symptoms are coughing, weight loss and etc. (Transition : Finally, let’s look at how smoking shisha can result in underweight newborn baby) III. Mother who smokes shisha contributes harm to the baby. A. Carbon monoxide decreases the availability of oxygen in the blood. 1. Baby in mother’s womb unable to obtain enough oxygen will encounter breathing problem. 2.

Women who smokes shisha more than once per day has higher risk of delivering an underweight baby by 2. 4 times greater than women who does not smoke. B. The baby might suffer Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR). 1. IUGR happens when the baby do not fully grow in the womb. 2. This indicates that the baby has less weight compare to 90% of others babies. 3. IUGR enhance the risk of Down Syndrome, Caesarean delivering and death of the baby inside the womb. C. Others problem associated with underweight baby 1. Newborn baby has to face long term and short term impact such as growth development problem and weak brain’s ability.

2. Women’s smoker brings threat to the factor since smoking can added the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by 1. 4 to 3 times. CONCLUSION I. Do not be duped by the fruity flavors and sweet smells because it is only to conceals the effects of charcoal and tar heated. II. Authorities, especially government and others should boost up the awareness on effects of smoking shisha. III. Main effects of smoking shisha are causing numerous respiratory diseases, developing abundant cancers and premature newborn.

Introduction I. Try to imagine this scene. A. You are in a labor room while your husband is nervously waiting next to you. B. You delivered your baby, your baby is crying, suddenly it stops. C. Your baby is having …

Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about the effects of smoking shisha. Central Idea : Smoking shisha can lead to lung cancer, affect pregnant women and spread infections of tuberculosis or hepatitis. INTRODUCTION I. Shisha refers to: A. Flavored …

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