Planning Better Health for the Future: Starting from Within

Economic meltdown really bugs not only the global businesses but in really frighten human population all over the world. In fact, almost all individuals have set their goals to establish more of their lives to meet the present circumstances. Planning is very important and it really helps in reaching one’s objective whether it is for personal or communal aspect. Most of us have future plans to make our life more at ease.

Nevertheless, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) launched its health program for people during 2007 (Wallace, et. al. , 2007, p. 57). Its mission is to promote health and form an alliance with different states in America. NCHS has put emphasis in addressing the global crisis which holds back the deliverance of appropriate health care. The program envisioned important areas that must be considered by the government and by the community in designing a well-organized health care plan (Kemp, 2007, p.

178). Areas including access to quality health services, medical product safety, educational and community-based programs, environmental health, family planning, food safety, physical activity and fitness, injury and violence prevention, public health infrastructure and health communication are among areas that must be given more weight than the other areas that NCHS incorporated in their program. Creating a master plan for optimal healthy living starts from within thy self.

Generally, if the person doesn’t like to participate or do something which is good for his or her self, then the community might suffer also. To keep the balance and standpoint, each person within the community or should I say, each citizen must be able to comprehend the essence of the said health care program. Providing a better health does not end by consulting a medical practitioner alone. This action can’t furnish a complete guide of action intended to promote healthy living.

The areas that are noted prior to this part signify that it would take an accumulation of imperative deeds to come up with a successful health program. A particular area does not have the ability to handle or give solutions to an existing health care problem within a community or within an individual’s life. Needless to say, an action or program may not thrive if there is a lack of proper education among people. To sum up the target areas which the writer believes to be the most fundamental areas among others, present scenario within a community must be established.

A group of people must be responsible in educating people within the society. This group is accountable in conversing and creating partnership within families, peer groups, organizations and with the neighborhood as well. After determining the main objective of the program, the next step would be the proper implementation. In this area, health care providers and other health care services must give details on how to accomplish the goal. Parameters must be set and an overall plan can be an excellent guide to easily instigate the program.

Reading materials, free seminars, open forums and community affairs are valuable ideas to start a health care program. Participation of each unit within a community determines whether implementation would take a long or short process. Each chosen area must be well updated to sustain the needs of the population. Construction of health care facilities and infirmaries means a stronger approach in protecting and disqualifying individuals from all sorts of human diseases. Such action means more accessibility to high-quality health care.

Ever wonder why folks during old days are much stronger and healthier than those people at the modern age? Their way of life answers it all, people from way back time eat healthy foods and they use their body accordingly (Haber, 2007, p. 24). Each person must be very cautious on the kind of lifestyle he or she is trudging on. NCHS come about with a very good program to implement health care awareness. If none would step forward and take a necessary action, then all of these will be put into waste. Each member of the human populace must do something for us to survive.

Moreover, the deteriorating human lifespan is a solid evidence that human existence will end somehow – unless we do our part, live healthy and live longer. References Wallace, Robert B. , Kohatsu, Neal, Last, John M (2007). Public Health and Preventive Medicine. USA: McGraw-Hill Professionals. Kemp, Donna R (2007). Mental Health in America: A Reference Handbook. USA: ABC CLIO. Haber, David (2007). Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals. USA: Springer Publishing Company.

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