Physical fitness

How to hold the racket: In order to hold the racket right you first of all need to make sure that it stays firm in your hand. Most people do good right from the start except for the position of the thumb. You need to turn your thumb to the inside so that you can hit the ball harder. Hitting Technique: When you hit the ball it is important that you do not only use your forearm but the whole arm and shoulder. Overhead-Clear: The Overhead-Clear is used if you feel like your opponent is getting the better of you. You point at the ball with one hand, bend backward and try to hit the ball at the highest position. The ball is then supposed to land far at the back of your opponent’s field.

Smash: Smashing means that you hit the ball very hard while you are jumping. It’s not about jumping as high as you can though. It is better if you stand in front of the ball and only jump very quick when it is right before you. Position in case your opponent is going for a smash: As soon as you notice that your opponent is going to smash the ball you need to move to the middle of your field and keep the racket at the height of your hips. Now you can reach to more easily to the left or to the right. This is positive because your opponent will try to put the ball into one of the outer corners and you don’t know which one. But be careful! He might as well just pretend to smash and then play a very short ball just shortly behind the net.

Various physical, tests will be going on ,these will be done and recorded as the fitness results. These tests will ensure the, speed endurance, and the strength of Ahsan will increase.As you can see there is a drastic improvement in the overall physical fitness of Ahsan Anwar. He has been able to use the training from the badminton program to his advantage, eg. The quick hand-eye- co-ordination has helped him to complete the Illinois test faster. Nutrient Balance Carefully planned nutrition must provide an energy balance and a nutrient balance.

The nutrients are: Proteins – essential to growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues Fats – one source of energy and important in relation to fat soluble vitamins Carbohydrates – our main source of energy Minerals – those inorganic elements occurring in the body and which are critical to its normal functions Vitamins – water and fat soluble vitamins play important roles in many chemical processes in the body Water – essential to normal body function – as a vehicle for carrying other nutrients and because 60% of the human body is water Roughage – the fibrous indigestible portion of our diet essential to health of the digestive system

Strength endurance

Strength endurance is used to develop the athlete’s capacity to maintain the quality of their muscles’ contractile force in a climate of endurance. All athletes need to develop a basic level of strength endurance. Examples of activities to develop strength endurance are – circuit training, weight training, hill running, harness running, Fartlek etc. In between these schedules, there will be diets, and healthy eating, Diet obsession is more prevalent today than it has ever been. High-protein and low carbohydrate diets are extremely popular in America and beyond. Few people have a right to be as concerned about a diet regime as athletes.

Food is the fuel we need to sustain our energy levels when we work hard performing in our sports. Everyone needs to eat a balanced diet, depending on the physical demands of each particular sport. Carbohydrates are a really important factor in life of an athlete , The night before long events like a Marathon, athletes have “pasta parties” to fill up on carbs so that their energy levels are maintained throughout the long race. This is called carbohydrate loading. This is because carbohydrate energy is released slowly through the body, unlike simple sugars which give a quick burst of energy followed by a slump.

During this program, I will be giving Ahsan a lot of carbohydrates such as, chocolate bars, bananas; this will elevate the chances of him playing to his best ability. So what is the bleep test? It is a multi-stage fitness test in which you must do 20 metre shuttle runs in time with the bleeps until the bleeps get too quick for you. It is a maximal test which means it will take you to your fitness limit. The shuttle runs are done in time to bleep sounds on a pre-recorded audio cassette. The time between the recorded bleeps decreases every minute as the level goes up. How many levels are there?

The test usually consists of 23 levels Each level lasts 60 seconds. A level is basically a series of 20 metre runs. The starting speed is normally 8.5 kilometers (km/hr) an hour and then increases by 0.5km/hr with each new level. The tape used for this test gives a single ‘bleep’ at intervals. This indicates the end of a shuttle, and three bleeps means you move onto the next level. It’s also called the ‘beep’ or ‘shuttle run’ test.

What purpose does the bleep test serve? The bleep test is used by sports coaches to estimate an athlete’s VO2 Max (maximum oxygen uptake). The test is often recommended for players of sports which involve a lot of stop-start sprinting, such as tennis, rugby, football or hockey. Doing the training tests, am able to tell that he has drastically improved the fitness levels. His accuracy was better and was able to play technical strokes all over the court. Now to specifically improve on his, smash I have set Ahsan a schedule to follow.

In the sport of rugby union many components of physical fitness are required in order to perform at the highest level. In this document I will talk about what these components are and what they are so important. Cardiovascular Endurance Cardiovascular endurance …

I feel that all of these tests are suitable for badminton. The sit and reach test will test my flexibility which is an advantage in badminton. The vertical jump is very important since height is favoured for better smashing ability. …

Well the aim of my training program is to increase my fitness level after the six weeks of the program. It will also help develop my football skills and my stamina and endurance while playing football. My current fitness level …

1: To improve endurance throughout tennis match, by the 1st of October and test this by 1st of October. I am going to test this by doing the multistage fitness test, which I did before and achieved level 8. 7. …

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