Personal exercise programme

As you know my circuit contains eight stations and I have chosen them in a certain order so that in between the activities I can rest some of my muscles so I don’t get tired. For example I don’t do tricep dips and then bicep curls means I would struggle on the bicep curls.


Skipping= When you are skipping you work your cardio vascular system. To take part in this activity you need a skipping rope, you then hold each end of the skipping rope in your hands, one in each hand. Then to start skipping you put the rope behind your legs and then swing it over your head so its in front of you then when it gets to your feet you jump over the rope so the rope ends up behind you, you need to do this fast enough so that you are constantly jumping the rope and so you build up your heart rate. When skipping you must wear suitable footwear to avoid injury, because if you don’t you may end up tripping over the rope not jumping it.

Sit Ups= When doing a sit up you are working on your abdominal muscles which are in your stomach your satonis and in your groin. To do a sit up, you need to sit on a mat on your back with your legs bent and your arms across your chest, meaning your right hand is holding your left shoulder and your left hand is holding your right shoulder. Then from lying on your back, bring your chest forward towards your knees and then back again. You will need a mat when doing a sit up so you don’t hit your head or damage your back when doing one.

Burpees= When you are doing burpees you are working on your cardio vascular system. To do a burpee start by standing up then drop on to your hands and toes so your stomach is facing the floor but make sure your arms are straight so your elbows aren’t bent meaning your arms and toes are keeping you off the floor, then bring your knees up towards your chin still on your toes and hands then jump upwards and repeat this movement until the time is up. You will need a mat. To be safe either wear trainers or have bear feet, do not wear socks because you could slip and try not to bang your knees on your chin.

Leg Raises= When you do leg raises you are working your quadriceps which are located at the top of your legs and your abdominal muscles, which are in your stomach. To do a leg raise lie on your mat and lift your legs 90 degrees and then lower your legs down to the ground again. When lifting your legs keep them about three inches above the mat then repeat this movement, also while raising your legs keep your back on the mat. The equipment needed for this activity is a mat. Then for safety do not bang your legs on the floor.

Star Jumps= When doing star jumps you are working your cardio vascular system. To do a star jump stand up with your legs together and arms by your sides then jump upwards and raise your arm 90 degrees side ways and move your legs outwards so they are shoulder width apart and land like this. Then from this position repeat this movement until the time is up. For this activity you will not need any equipment apart from suitable footwear so you don’t slip.

Tricep Dips= When doing tricep dips you are working your triceps, which run parallel with the biceps in your arm. To do this activity you will need to place your hands on a bench with your back to the bench and your legs out straight making sure your hands are out the way you are facing to preventing injury. Have your arms out straight and lower yourself towards the floor, do not go low enough so you can reach the floor though and then push yourself back up with your arms. For this activity you will need a bench. Remember to not bang your spine or your gluteus maximus on the floor and to keep your legs straight.

Shuttle Run= When doing shuttle runs you are working your cardio vascular system. To do shuttle runs put two cones on the floor 15 meters apart, and basically run from one cone to the other until the time is up. Make sure you run and not sprint. For this activity you will need two cones and a big space. Also make sure you wear suitable footwear so you don’t slip and injure yourself. Bicep Curls= When you do bicep curls your are working your biceps which are in the top half of your arms.

To do a bicep curl you will need two dumbbell weights, that you hold in each hand down by your thighs, then bring one of them upwards towards your chin and then back down towards your thigh then do the same with the other arm. When doing this you will need two dumbbells and during this activity make sure you don’t bang your chin or thighs and do not drop the dumbbells.

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The sport that this plan is going to correspond with is cricket. I feel that I need to improve the speed of my bowling because I feel that if I become a faster bowler I can become a more influential …

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