Personal Exercise Program

At six o’clock this evening I started my first day of week 1 of my P. E. P with four sets of 20 sit ups. I took 3 minute intervals in between each set. Monday At six o’clock today I did three sets of 10 push ups taking 2 minute intervals in between each set. I did this to improve my overall shoulder and arm strength so that when I’m swimming, my strokes will be much stronger and I will take less strokes per length of the pool. Tuesday Today I did 5 sets of 20 bicep curls using three kilogram weights in each hand.

However I don’t think I managed to reach the overload. I also had a Rugby training session today at the Bahrain Rugby Football Club. We did a lot of fitness training in today’s session e. g. We had a partner relatively the same size as us and we had to carry them on our backs across the field then back again then we would swap and do the same again. Wednesday I went to the school gym after school today and did four sets of 5 pull ups on the pull up bar. I found this generally easy so I decided to increase the frequency and intensity to 5 sets of 10 pull ups Thursday

Today I was skipping for 5 minutes nonstop but I found it extremely hard to keep going because I kept tripping myself up every 30 seconds or so. I chose to do skipping so that I could strengthen my legs so my kick will be more powerful. Friday Today before lunch I went for a 3 kilometer jog around Sar (the area that I live). I chose to run because it was too cold to go swimming this afternoon and I needed to improve my cardiovascular fitness some other way. I made sure that I stretched before I started running here are some of the lower body stretches I did:

Here are some of the upper body stretches I did: Week 2 Sunday 8th Feb Today I did my 4 sets of 20 sit ups. I had taken 3 minute intervals in between each set just like last time. Monday This afternoon, when I got home from school I did my three sets of 10 push ups but this time I took one minute intervals because I thought that two minutes was too long. Tuesday Today I did 6 sets of twenty bicep curls with the same 3 kilogram weights as last week . I increased the intensity from the FITT principals to make it more intense making my muscles work harder.

So I would reach the overload(60% of my muscles capability). I then went to the Rugby session and we did some circuit training. Some of the stations in the circuit involved; sit ups, Push ups, running into bags, footwork and catching skills. We also did the Illinois agility test which looks like the picture on the right. Wednesday Today I went to the gym and did 5 sets of ten pull ups. This was much harder and felt that I think I reached my overload after the first 3 sets. Thursday

After tripping up a couple of times I eventually got the hang of skipping and got much better at it. I managed to finish 5 minutes without running out of breath so I decided to increase the overall time (from FITT) I was doing it for to about 7 minutes. Friday Today I was not able to do the run for various reasons. So I have decided to do it tomorrow. Saturday Today I did my stretches, and I thought it would be more challenging if I timed myself when running to see if I can improve my stamina and my pace over the next few weeks.

My time was 13 minutes and 15 seconds. Week 3 Sunday 15th Feb I decided to increase the Frequency and intensity of my sit ups to five sets of thirty so I could increase the amount of hypertrophy taking place in my core muscles so that when swimming, I could have a stronger stroke. Monday Today I did my 3 sets of 10 push ups with one minute intervals. Tuesday Today before rugby, I thought that I would increase the intensity of my bicep curls but lower the number of sets so I did 5 sets of thirty with 3 minute intervals in between each one.

At rugby practice we did more fitness training. We did pyramid runs which was meant to increase our muscular endurance. Wednesday I went to the gym and I found it hard to do all five sets of ten pull ups but I managed to do them all but I had to give myself an extra minute interval. After the 3rd and 4th set. Thursday Today I skipped for 5 minutes nonstop without tripping. Friday The weather is starting to warm up just a little bit, in a few weeks time I think I might have to start swimming my time today was 13minutes and 4 seconds.

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