Perfect body alive

A Megan slowly and steadily walks into the dance studio many eyes turn as she twists her long brown hair in to a bun. Megan is the girl everyone wants to be, she had long brownish black hair, greenish blue eyes, tall and skinny. Megan had everything that we all wanted. But as Megan built up to be this wonderful person, but that all comes down hill too. For Megan was hitting that stage were she like “boys.”

That stage became a bigger part of her life then what she intended it to be. Before anyone realized what was going on Megan was already going down hill in her life and dance. Before Megan realized it, she had hit rock bottom. This all had to start somewhere and this somewhere was with a jock of her local high school. This guy was named Kenny. Kenny was the man of her dreams. Well things that were perfect when down hill were when Kenny stated one individual sentence to Megan.

When Kenny told Megan that she should maybe loose some weight she was hurt and started to listen. Well Megan decided to move on to another guy for Kenny was just not on the top of her list. As Megan still attended school a new guy came into her life but the name of Drew. Drew and Meagan ended up dating for a couple months and things seemed to be going well. So they seemed. Well Megan still had been loosing weight and Drew decided to jump in and talk to her about it. Well we all think would happen did not and Drew stated the same thing that Kenny did.

Now at this time Megan was at about 100 pounds. Being 5’9 and naturally skinny that was low. People were now starting to notice the loss of her wait. Today in society this problems seems to be happening more and more. Girls are loosing weight for others and for them selves. But the question is WHY? Not many can explain why some one would go though this just to loose some pounds. As a girl who attends a public school with other teenage girls I could never imagine putting my self thought it.

I will be proud to say that I am in 5’9 and weight 155. And I am happy with the way that I am. So sure not everyone is happy with there body, but you should never hate your self that much that you do not know how to handle it. Unlike Megan she was happy with her body and the way she presented herself and she let it all go by the decision of two guys. WHY? No one should have to right to say how one should look unless they have the most perfect body alive. Since no one has completed that task then no one has room to talk. As a friend of mine stated “no one should ever tell someone to loose weight.” The reason I decided to state this quote to you is that is how everyone should think. To finish this statement off I would like to advise you all to listen to your friends. Your friends are there for you and will be 100% honest with you. I do and I am happy then I could have ever been.

As I move on in my speech I would like to start talking about the problems that you will discover with eating disorders. Things I am going to say might only effect woman or men maybe even both. But just think what you would do in these situations or if you were in Megan situation. Be prepared some of this might shock you. Next I would like to talk to you about the consequences that go along with loosing weight is all the fun and exciting disorders. For Megan was classified with the title of anorexic. Unlike Megan others are not so lucky, she was. Some of the other disorders that can occur are heart disease, anxiety, depression and lowered self-esteem. These are just 4 out of 34 listed on one web page

. I choose to list just a couple of these problems due to the intensity of the rest. Now to some these small problems may be worthless to you but they are very intense. But they are! Today more people do not know the real truth about these problems. THERE DEADLY!!!! Most problems that I will state from here on out are deadly but others are simple ones to take care of. At Times they are. Here are some more. You judge for yourself on this topic.

Think about bone loss, for woman menstrual irregularities, kidney stones, anorexia and or constipation. Now I could stand here and list all the reasons these are not fun to have but I am going to go on one topic that I had to deal with. I currently have high blood pressure with that I choose to lose a little weight, not a good combination unlike Megan I had a little different problems. Well I ended up developing a cyst in my lower bladder.

To top it off it burst, for me I am lucky because now all I have to take is one pill everyday. For me I was lucky because I did not have to go to the hospital and I did not die. That’s right die!!! Did you know that one little cyst could kill you? Now is the really worth the trouble to loss a couple of pounds. NO!!! Now I wanted to lose weight and that was for me no one else so make sure you know what you are doing.

Please understand what Megan went through and what I went through it is not worth any of it. If you must loose weight and there is no other choice let some one know so you can survive with help. Then if anything were to happen you will have some one to help and know the facts but do it for yourself and no ones else. Then the results will be for you and no one else. Please take everything seriously and remember that you fine the way you are as long as you let yourself be. Just a word to the wise is, be happy with your looks when you are happy with your looks.

In conclusion to my speech I am trying to convice you guys that losing weight is not worth it. Be happy with the way you are and be happy for others for the way they are. I know I am and now I have a life to live for. It you want to loose a couple pounds that are cool but watch you’re self. And be careful, every choice you make will come back to you in some way and don’t let it be the way it came back to me. I would like to leave you with this quote “When a girl reduces, she is going out of her weight to please some man!” Thank you for you time and remember next time you question you weight that you are wonderful. Do want you want not what others want. Then you will be better off in the end. Thank you.

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