Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a health risk that is very personable to me. This form of cancer has been in my family for at least the last five generations. I chose to learn more about this form of cancer, what it is, my risk for this cancer and ways to possibly prevent it because of the fact I could possibly be next in line for this disease. Ovarian cancer is a disease caused by a group of cells along the ovarian lining, or in the ovaries themselves, that begin to grow uncontrollable and no longer die. These cells create tumors or masses.

When these tumors become malignant (begin to spread) it is officially defined as cancer. Typically, ovarian cancer goes undetected until it has spread to the pelvic region or the abdomen. It is often extremely difficult to treat and most often it is fatal. I took the assessment located under the Life Resource Center on the E-campus at University of Phoenix to discover exactly where I stand as a risk factor to this horrible disease. I was not surprised, but definitely displeased when the results read “much above average” on the at risk scale.

A risk factor is the state of which I am susceptible to getting the disease. Although it does state that just because I am at high risk for this disease, that does not by any means guarantee that I will get this form of cancer, instead it is saying that I have a high risk for getting this cancer so I should take precautionary steps to avoid ever being diagnosed with this horrible disease. A list of a few different options was given to possibly decrease the risk that I have of getting this form of cancer.

It was stated that eating more vegetables would greatly lower my risk of many forms of cancer! As many as five but as little as three servings a day is what is recommended to any individual in order to lower the risk of cancer. This is worrisome to me because with a new baby in the house and getting very little sleep makes it very hard to ensure that I am reaching the daily recommended amount of vegetables each day. Aside from vegetables, fruits are also of extreme importance to significantly reducing the risk of various forms of cancer.

Again, as many as five servings but as little as three will lower the risk factors for various forms of cancer as well as other diseases. Many new studies have shown all of the negative aspects related to contraceptives. Many of which can cause endometrioses or ovarian cancer, or at least increase your chances of getting this horrible disease. It is best to talk with my health care provider about the best contraceptive options for me in my future to prevent reaping the horrors of birth control side effects. Presently though, I am breastfeeding my son.

It was stated that breastfeeding your child is not only extremely healthy for your baby, but it can also significantly reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in the mother. I have learned about what this cancer is and the steps to take to lower my risks of ever getting this disease. Eating healthy is one of the best ways I can choose to live a healthier life and decrease my risk of many forms of cancer.

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Ovarian cancer is a health risk that is very personable to me. This form of cancer has been in my family for at least the last five generations. I chose to learn more about this form of cancer, what it …

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