NWT (Territory) and the Metis Health Benefits

Under the Canada Health Act, the NWT provides health services to the residents of its territories (NWT). The services include medical and physician services for the persons those who are not in a position to pay. All permanent residents in NWT are eligible for coverage. Permanent resident are those legally entitled to remain in Canada for at least six months of the year. Tourists are not covered, however.

Resident means who receives mail, keeps personally property and spends major in time in the area. Individuals such as tourists, temporary workers are not eligible for the scheme. In order to register for this Health Care Plan, eligible individuals should apply through registration. After completion of the said process with NWT health care plan, they will be given a Health Care Card with a personal health number, which is its unique lifetime identifier.

Nursing services when provided by the hospital; laboratory, x-ray and diagnostic procedures, and interpretation; drugs prescribed by a physician and administered in the hospital; use of the operating room, case room and anesthetic facilities required for diagnosis and treatment, including necessary equipment and supplies; radiotherapy treatment occupational therapy and physiotherapy; detoxification services in an approved health facility; and, accommodation and meals at the standard ward care are a few of the provisions of the plan.

Cardholders are eligible to receive physician services such as diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, surgery, obstetrical care, eye examinations etc. However, they are not permitted for yearly physicals, cosmetic surgery, experimental services, prescription drugs, optometric services, dental services, etc.

Hospital charges above the standard ward rate for private or semi private accommodation; cosmetic surgery and the likes; experimental services; ambulances charges; dental services other than specific procedures related to jaw injury or disease; and, alcohol and drug rehabilitation are way off the Health Care System of NWT’s provisions and are not covered by the policy.

In Canada, NWT is the only jurisdiction which provides supplementary health benefits for indigenous Metis residents. It is called Metis Health Benefits program (MHB) which provides additional health benefits similar to Non-insured Health benefits. In order to eligible to this program, the persons should be resident of the NWT and these should be registered under NWT Health care plan. Besides, these should be descendent of Chipewyan, Slavey, Gwich’in, Dogrib, Hare or Cree people.

The benefits such dental, eyeglasses, medical transportation, medical supplies and equipment and prescription drugs available in this scheme, as such these services not available NWT health care plan. These services are organized by Alberta Blue Cross, which is a private, insurance company and works for and on behalf of Government of NWT. Prescription drugs and dental benefits for senior persons are also available under this program.

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