My muscular endurance

I am going to be performing a circuit training exercise program with 3 times per week and 3 sets in each performance, I wont have a resting time between each station except the time it will take me to walk slowly to the next station, the only rest I shall have is at the end of each set, from 1 minute to 45 seconds and no longer. Principles of training Specificity It is important to make a training program specific because you don’t want to train for endurance if you’re doing a short distance event like the 100M. The sport I am making my training program on is cricket; I will make my exercise plan specific by concentrating on speed, endurance and strength, also reducing my heart rate in the process.

Overload The principle of overload is when you exercise more than you normally do, doing more reps or running further can do this, or doing the normal amount of reps or running your regular distance but in a quicker time can do it. Within the principle of overload lie in FITT principles, these are Frequency, intensity, time and type. I will be using overload in my exercise plan by doing my exercise for longer times and for a longer amount of time. Progression The principles of progression focuses on the increasing of overload over a period of time, as it would be silly to expect someone who runs 1 mile a day to run a marathon in the 2 day of there training program. I will be using progression in my exercise plan by doing more press-ups and sit-ups over a period of time.

Reversibility Reversibility is when you reverse what you have done in exercise, there is a ration that if you exercise for 3 days and then don’t for 1 you would have not advanced at all. Health and safety: I have to be able to perform my exercises properly to avoid long and short-term injuries and to get the maximum out of the exercise. I also have to make sure that I use the correct equipment in my exercise, I also perform a 5 minute active warm up before I start my training program. Here are some examples of how to perform an exercise properly.

Press ups. Key points: The key points in me performing a press up correctly is to keep my arms shoulder width apart, and go down at a steady rate. Week 1: My training went very well this week, I feel as if I was performing within myself, I found the sit ups very easy with a small amount like that, the dips and press ups were a good exercise, but I could have preformed more. The hardest part of my PEP was the 2-minute run as that is the poorest part of my athleticism.

Week 2: This week hasn’t been quite so good for me as I suffered a heavily bruised toe suffered in cricket training which meant my mobility wasn’t as good as it should have been. I didn’t have any problem with the sit-ups; press ups and dips, as they are largely upper body exercise. I suffered heavily with the 30 metre sprints and my 2-minute run. I am looking forward to recovering from my bruised foot so I can train at my highest ability.

Week 3: I have almost completely recovered from my injury now and have preformed much better in this week than last. The hardest part of this weeks training has been the longer 2.15 minute run, the press ups were difficult and challenging, were as the sit ups are far too easy, the 30 metre runs were also quite easy, but overall I’m starting to push myself further in my abilities Week 4: This week I have stretched myself a great deal in compression with the past 3 weeks. The increased press-ups, dips, sprint and the increased run time has stretched me to a higher standard. I found the run particularly hard and the dips and press ups difficult but sit-ups easy again. I am feeling a lot better in my body after reaching a higher level of exercise; I also have more fatigue than any of the other weeks as I am also participating in 2 more cricket sessions per week.

Week 5: I am feeling good after the end of this week as I have trained at the same level, most of the exercises are become easier to perform, I am also feeling less fatigue in most of my muscles, but my biceps are tired and becoming sore, but overall a good strong week of training, and I’m also looking forward to next weeks training Week 6: This is the last week of my PEP; I have slightly increased the sit-ups and the dips. At the end of the week I feel very strong in my running, I have found the dips difficult this week along with the press ups because of a build up of fatigue in my biceps, but the sit ups were to easy as well unfortunately.

Evaluation: I think that I’ve made a very good Personal exercise program; I would make some changes to it though if I were to do it again, I would increase the amount of sit ups at a higher rate, I may also decrease the amount of sets in distance running, possibly I would start of at a higher level earlier as in the 1st week in found it quite easy. I believe that I have completed my aim, as I have reduced my resting heart rate, and I now can do more press ups and dips than I could when I started my Personal Exercise Plan. This shows that I have been successful in my PEP as I have for filled my aim.

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