Muscles and physique for a good and strong golf swing

I would describe myself as a fairly healthy person, and fairly fit too. I do not smoke or drink. I partake in a lot of sport. This is described below. Sports: I play Badminton twice a week for my club (Stormont) and in school at an after school club on a Monday. I play squash one or two nights a week. I play football three/ four days a week. I also swim quite frequently. During the summer holiday I play golf at Kirkistown Castle Golf Club where I play off 16. I play for the Fred Daly, Jonny Dickson and Norman Drew teams. I play golf every day and wakeboard when the weather permits.

If the water was not good enough for the boat to go out, I would go for a run down the beach followed by a swim in the sea. I would also ride my bike most days. Aim. The aim of this P. E. P is to build up my muscles and physique for a good and strong golf swing. I will try and achieve this by first testing my muscle capability by finding our 1 . M of a weight on the deltoid press. Then every week I will work on exercise to increase the power of my muscles (biceps, deltoids and triceps. ) then record the amount of change after the amount of weeks.

I will also be trying to increase the flexibility in my lower back so I have a freer back swing and follow through. It is the lower back that is the main reason a golf shot is played incorrectly, either under or over movement. I will be using medium weight medicine balls and basically swinging them like a golf swing to achieve greater flexibility in my lower back. Safety. This year in G. C. S. E PE we have been learning a lot about the correct techniques about weightlifting and all of the different principles involved with it.

We have been taught correctly how to use all of the machines available in the gym and all the lifts that can help us. The main pieces of equipment I will be using are the bench press machine, a chin up bar, rowing machine, free weights (free bench press, barbell curl, front and back squats) and a medicine ball. For these machines, I have the advantage of not needing a spotter because I am not using free weights, however I will need a spotter for the free weights. A spotter is required in case a weightlifter cannot complete the rep to bring the bar bell back to the rack, so the spotter takes over by saying ‘ My bar. ‘

However I will still need to make sure that I do not try and lift weights that have a high chance of damaging or seriously injuring myself. It is more important for me to have a good technique at lifting weights than just trying to lift higher amounts than everyone else-this is where most injury is likely to occur. Thankfully, golf is a reasonably ‘safe’ sport. The main injury that golf can cause is called ‘golfers elbow. ‘ This is cause due to the powerful repetitious movements. However if I were to get golfers elbow I would use the RICE routine to help cure it. This means, R I C E How I am going to achieve all this.

I must make sure that the exercises I am going to do will benefit the sport for which they are intended. This is called the Sport Specific principle. This is so I do not waste time working and building up muscles that I am not going to ever need for a golf swing. I am going to use the ‘Principle of Training’ to achieve my aims. The principle uses the word S P O R T Specific – You must chose the correct part of the body for the sport you are doing, and only work that part of the body. Progression – Your body takes time to adapt to the demands placed on it. So you should build up your exercise levels gradually, or progressively.

Overload – You must work your body harder than usual and over time it adapts to meet the demands Ways to overload 1. Increase frequency of exercise 2. Increase intensity of exercise 3. Increase time of exercise Reversibility – Improvement on fitness do not last forever. The harder you exercise the fitter you will get. However if you stop training completely, your fitness will return to the same state as it was before you started training. This happens in the ratio of 3:1 – so if you train constantly for nine months, if you stop, three months after your fitness will be the same as it was before you started.

Time – the amount of time the training/ exercises are going to last. Out of the main components of fitness, golf requires three of them. Power – a combination of strength and speed. This is so I can get the maximum distance from a correctly executed golf shot. Co-ordination – the ability to move body parts, both, quickly and smoothly. So that when I take my back swing it comes down and hits the ball instead of missing it completely.

Timing – ability to react at the right moment. Everything that is meant to move moves at the correct time e. g. the Elbows breaking at the right time in the back swing and follow through. I will also use the Principle of FITT. This reference to F I T T Frequency Frequency is a key component of the FITT Principle. Remember that it’s important to know why you’re exercising and what you want to achieve before rushing into any exercise program. Adjust the number of times I will exercise per week to reflect my current fitness level, the time you realistically have available, your other commitments like rugby and coursework, and the goals you’ve set for yourself. i?? Intensity

This is an extremely important aspect of the FITT principle and is probably the hardest factor to monitor. The best way to gauge the intensity of your exercise is to monitor your heart rate. If you don’t want to borrow a heart rate monitor, simply count your heart rate over a 15 second period. All you need is a wristwatch that has a “seconds” display. Feel for your heart beat by either placing your hand over your heart or by feeling for your pulse in your neck or on your wrist. Count the beats over a 15 second period and then multiply by 4. This will give you your exercise heart rate in beats per minute.

Time The time you spend exercising is also an important part of the FITT Principle. The time dedicated to exercise usually depends on the type of exercise undertaken. For example, it’s recommended that to improve cardiovascular fitness you’ll need at least 20 to 30 minutes of non-stop exercise. For weight loss, more time is required; at least 40 minutes of moderate weight bearing exercise. However, when talking about the time required for muscular strength improvements, time is often measured, as a number of “sets” and “reps. ” A typical recommendation would be 3 sets of 8 reps.

S – Specificity is when you train to develop individual skills for your relevant sport and position so you can train with the main aim to improve your skills in that position and therefore improve your sport. I would use …

I found the speed work very enjoyable and of great benefit. Because I was always thinking about what I had to do next, I didn’t have time to find it boring and didn’t think about it too much. Not only …

This principle refers to the relevance of the choice of exercise to the activity to be improved, which is javelin in this case. The exercises should be specific so that after the 6-week training period, I will be able to …

Make comments to explain the statements/questions in the first column (max 6 marks) Did you plan the programme at the right level? I felt my training programme did push to me to my ability but I could have been a bit harder …

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