Muscle behavior

In another study, the capability of the voice production in deaf persons can be considered to settle in more relaxed rage compared to normal individuals. The intensity of the speaking voice can also be related to the muscle behavior, such as the gastro-esophageal reflux (GER). This characteristic can be related to the hoarseness of voice. Higher activity in elder patient can be observed. At the same time, hoarseness is also more prevalent.

Through the results of the study, the hearing disorder and loss can be related to the hoarseness of voice of old patients (Weatherley, Worrall and Hickson, 1997). In terms of the intensity of speaking voice, deaf patients specifically adult males can be considered having comparatively higher character. The capacity of the voice is also more unstable compared to that of normal persons (Leder, Spitzer, Milner, Flevaris-Phillips, Kirchner and Richardson, 1987).

Other voice problems that can be associated to hearing loss are related to phonatory, velopharyngeal, and articularoty functions. In studies conducted related to the said areas, the main ways to be able to measure the speech voice capabilities of the sample population through parameters such as intraoral pressure, air flow inside the nasal cavity, and the physiological compositions such as the lip, the velum and the vocal fold.

Still essential to the study are parameters such as estimated subglottal pressure, mean phonatory air flow and fundamental frequency. EGG abduction quotient is also considered as an important measure (Higgins, Carney and Schulte, 1994; Jesteadt, 1997). The relationship between hearing loss and the voice problems in individuals during the old age, on the basis of studies related to the subject can be determined through the determination of the physiological factors and the measurement of the physical parameters.

The aforementioned parameters can be considered to have higher values for people with hearing problems. This can be attributed to the increased effort to perform oral communication compared to individuals with normal auditory capabilities. When it comes to the physical features of the system, e. g. the contraction of the muscle in the areas and part of the body that are involved in oral communication, are evidently behaving differently as that of individuals with normal hearing capacity.

Even phonation and articulation wherein variation in the contraction and different positions of the oral muscles can be considered to be a challenge and abnormality can be observed (Higgins, Carney and Schulte, 1994). The physiological factors can be considered as one of the most important indication of the effects of hearing loss in voice qualities. Summary and Conclusion Based on the study that was conducted, there is a significant relationship between hearing loss and the development of voice problems and abnormalities.

With age as one of the affecting component, hearing loss can be determined through the quality vocal communication as the age progresses. One of the most significant information that had been gathered is related on the fact that physiological indications can be considered as an essential way to be able determine the effects of hearing loss on the voice faculties of an individual. More important notion on the other hand is the capacity of the voice and vocal faculties and physiological features to be able to provide notions on the hearing loss and auditory impairment of patients.


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