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As indicated earlier, though it is possible to reduce the susceptibility for both conditions, other aspects are generally out of human control while others are collective and therefore requiring extended responsibilities that may be hard to reinforce. Alcohol consumption, sleep patterns, safety practices like ‘safer sex’, compliance with medical advice, behavior and personality are easy to address and reduce both susceptibility as well as triggering of the same conditions.

Anger and frustrations, coronary prone, climate in the work place and environmental conditions may be hard to control and therefore increase susceptibility of the people working or living in such conditions (Modi & Lowder, 2006). Psychology roles in understanding and managing these conditions. Irving at al (2003) argues that management of diseases has been described to be most efficient when tackled from the preventive perspective alongside the curative efforts. Management of migraines and heart disease is therefore more effective when preventative therapy is adequately administered to all the affected and susceptible people.

With both problems having major impacts to the mental ability of the affected individual, psychological studies assisted in establishing the direct symptoms depicted by such people (William, et al, 2008). Considering that psychology encompasses the domains that denotes and involves varying processes and behavior, it is easy to relate the recurrent behaviors with the immediate environment and prevailing conditions that plays key roles in direct causing and triggering these diseases conditions. As a result, it was easy to diagnose and recommend various activities that can reduce immediate susceptibility or triggering of the same conditions.

Observing healthy diets that are free of direct cholesterol, reduced sugars and increased roughages would strongly reduce the levels of susceptibility for an individual. Besides, psychology ensures that the affected people are able to deal with their immediate problems and other hardships that act to trigger the same conditions. Also, it ensures that the correct social economic considerations, beliefs, prejudices and family social classes are well approached to avoid possible stresses (Irving at al, 2003).

Psychology also encourages people to get into more practices that induce better health and active flow of the blood in their systems which are a necessity for faster recovery or prevention of the two conditions. Conclusion. Psychology has played an essential role in treatment and managing migraines as well as coronary heart diseases in the world. This has been due to the understanding that bulk of the causes of the problems can effectively be prevented vial non conventional means. Through major studies of human behavior it is therefore possible to largely reduce the high levels of the diseases to manageable status.

To ensure that these problems are adequately addressed, cooperation should be increased among the government and non-government institutions to guarantee more psychologists are trained for handling such conditions. Besides, preventive measures through policy a regulative framework should be used for assisting the affected people recover while reducing others suffering from the same problem. Finally people should be encouraged to frequently go for checkups in order to establish cases for immediate treatment. Reference list. Irving, B. , Donald, K. , John, A. , Wayne, F. & Richard, M. (2003).

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