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Fourth, aside from the physiological aspect it brings, walking offers a greater benefit in a more emotional standpoint. It was discovered that brisk walking helps to make a person feel less depressed and anxious, while walking on a regular basis aids in reducing feelings of depression (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2006). This shows that there is a certain dynamic of benefits that can improve the different aspects of man’s health and welfare. Fifth, walking keeps the body lively and in some extent keeps it to be in a well-built state. This may hold most imperative especially when the aging process takes on its eventual course.

The older a person gets, the more prone he or she becomes to accidental falls. However, regularly walking can help prevent accidental falls as it keeps a person mobile and independent (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2008). Thus, this suggests that walking may very well be the key for extending one’s life span as time takes away youth and ability to perform rather rigorous varieties of exercise. Sixth, walking, through its unique ease of access, has an easy to fit characteristic amongst shifting various schedules and needs no heavy equipment.

Furthermore, it incurs least or sometimes no expenses at all, for the main worries pertain to a durable pair of shoes, appropriate form, and breathing technique for walking execution—which does not really aggravate the realization for exercising through walking. As Wendy Bumgardner of About. com (2008) suggests, “concentrate on complete breaths from belly to chest to clavicles and back. ” Such process specificities truly are not that challenging as compared to other fitness activities, for walking requirements are not at all demanding, and they do not fundamentally rather deviate from the already basic form of movement.

Conclusion The importance of walking for fitness is of true considerable option for those who choose to own an exercise regimen that is not only uncomplicated, but most importantly holds various benefits that touch human improvement and wellbeing, to a particular extent. In addition, the importance of walking for fitness crosses over for those who already hold an exercise program and those who choose to take a stand in being healthy. The importance of walking is reflected in its key strengths and function as the most natural human activity that probably comes after breathing and blinking.

It must be realized that walking is the most natural movement of man that is used to take him from point A to point B. Walking has an underlying and true purpose of serving not as part of everyday leisure activity, but more over serving as an ample fitness exercise that could bring upon weight maintenance, toning, better blood circulation and results in an over-all positive personal disposition to almost anybody.


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