Treating fibromyalgia

Treating fibromyalgia may be exasperating for both the person and the medical doctor. In addition, it is also difficult to find a doctor who specializes in this disease. Professionals such as general internists, family physicians, and rheumatologists are the people that one should consult to know whether or not he or she is suffering from fibromyalgia and to learn how the disease can be treated (Sameul, 2008). Medications are one way to treat and help the person lessen the symptom of this ailment (Sameul, 2008).

There is a medicine that is being developed nowadays to treat fibromyalgia and to help lessen the pain and symptom of it. Analgesic like Tylenol can help lessen the tenderness and stiffness that is being brought by fibromyalgia. Antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and sleeping pills can also help in the disease occurrence. However, a lot of doctors do not recommend different drugs at the same time to help reduce the symptoms experienced by the patient because there is a tendency that the patient will be addicted and dependent to these medicines.

Furthermore, it may also cause some side effects to the patient (Goldenberg, 2002). Cognitive behavior therapy can also aid in the treatment of fibromyalgia. This kind of therapy helps the person to deal with stress and different situations wherein the disease manifests. Light exercise was proven to be effective with some researches as treatment for this disease as normal exercise can cause pain and exhaustion to a person. Some of the recommended light exercises include brisk walking and swimming.

Lastly, there are other alternative treatments that can aid in the treatment of fibromyalgia. Some of these alternative treatments include proper diet, massage therapy, taking vitamin supplements, acupuncture, and self care that can help in reducing the occurrence of the symptoms in a patient (Teitelbaum, 2001). Prevention Since the main cause is not yet known, there is no exact way to prevent fibromyalgia. Nonetheless, different preventive measures can be done such as getting lots and enough sleep and minimizing stress and fatigue (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2007).

To add to that, living a healthy lifestyle is essential; people should engage in different kind of activities that can be a source of exercise, such as playing a certain sport or having a regular exercise and having a proper healthy diet. Finally, having enough knowledge and information about fibromyalgia can help in increasing a person’s awareness of this kind of disease (Gaupp, 2008). Knowing the different facts about the mysterious fibromyalgia disease is necessary for each and every human being. This kind of disease may seem to be very rare, but it can affect anybody regardless of gender and age.

If one is aware of this disease, he or she can immediately seek assistance from a doctor for treatment. There are also organizations and foundations that are willing to help, support, and educate people about this disease. Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness and the symptoms can last for months and can continue for many years. Consulting a doctor and having a regular check up should be a habit of each and every individual to be able to stop not only fibromyalgia but other diseases as well (Ostalecki, 2007).

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