Making A Life in Medicine By Danielle Ofri

Making A Life in Medicine

By Danielle Ofri


Danielle Ofri is a well-known doctor-author who is able to reconnect the importance of medical practices to the real life application of medical procedures in actual situations. Most likely, she tends to describe her career as something that is much overwhelmingly adventurous than what the people usually think about her job. In her books she usually discusses the different ins and outs of the profession of medicine as it applies to social work and social service.


According to her work entitled “Making a life In Medicine”, her career is more of a journey towards the life of people around her that actually teaches her the most useful idealisms she learned and is now applying in her own living. In the chapter of her writing entitled “Terminal Thoughts,` in Incidental Findings”, Ofri notes the need for having an understanding of the things that comes along the way is a vital part of any progression in any career that one deals with. It is through this chapter that she was able to point out that medicine is indeed a profession that requires one to be understanding and patient at the same time. A life that is spent with medical activities and services rendered to other people is noted by the author as a life well lived not only for one’s self but for others as well.


Meanwhile, Ofri also describes certain elements that contribute to one’s career in medicine as oddballs to the profession. Likely, the different philosophies that people from the said profession actually believe in makes the process of dealing with others and getting along with the work that they do quite a hard situation to come along with. Understandably, the motive that each individual have towards their job and responsibilities to the people that they are serving in the society affects the way that they are performing in their own lot of work share. Consequently, it is through these oddballs too that a person becomes flexible in facing the challenges that are coming along right in front of them. It could be observed that an individual is less able to accept challenges if they are not given the chance to get exposed to such situations. Most often than not, these situations makes the individual much more compellingly able to face the life that is presented to them everyday in their job and their personal being as well.


Overall, the content of Ofri’s book actually pertains to the factor that contributes to the progress that an individual could put right in front of him so as to be able to attain the results that he desires to have from the works that he performs. Undeniably, the application of the principles that Ofri discusses in her book would be much applicable for implying progress and development into one’s profession as he tries to perform to the best of his ability to be able to attain better results not only for his own development but also for the others involved in his job.



Danielle Ofri. Making A Life in Medicine.

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