Emergency Medicine Personal Statement

I believe that I am an ideal candidate to be considered for training under the Emergency Medicine program because I possess vital skills, substantial knowledge, a wide variety of experiences, and most of all, the right attitude that would help me become a highly successful doctor in emergency medicine someday. I have been training under Family Medicine for two years now and I am proud to say that I have always lived up and even surpassed the expectations of my superiors from me through hard work and determination.

I have always ensured that I did an outstanding job no matter what the situation was. In short, I have constantly dedicated myself to improving my craft. However, I realized during my training in the Emergency Room, that my skills and talents are more suited for another discipline of medicine which is emergency medicine. I basically want to pursue a career in emergency medicine is because it involves more hands-on work, which would no doubt further improve my skills and train me to become a better doctor.

Moreover, through the program, I would be exposed to various diseases and cases that would not only expand my knowledge but also broaden my perspective in medicine. In addition, working with different personalities in emergency situations would also provide me with new insights which would be of great use to me when dealing with patients. Generally, I am a type of person who works extremely well under pressure. I believe that this trait of mine would be essential in my career in emergency medicine as every decision and every action is crucial to saving the life of a patient.

In addition, due to my training in the ER, I was able to develop in me a sense of urgency, which would no doubt be very helpful in my prospective career. I have also learned how to work very rapidly without comprising the life of the patient and without making errors in decisions which I believe are also two vital skills needed in emergency situations that I would encounter in the future. Furthermore, I believe that what sets me apart from the others is my passion to learn new things every day.

I basically seek an environment where I could learn a lot and where I could also teach other people what I know. For me, that environment can be found in emergency medicine as it encompasses a lot of aspects in the field of medicine itself. Emergency medicine, being a frontline in diagnosis and treatment, would provide me with numerous specialties such as the ability to stitch complicated lacerations, the ability to nurse a heart attack and the ability to fix a dislocated joint or fractured bone even in the most crucial situations.

Moreover, during my years of training as a doctor, I have realized the value of life and the importance of helping others. In this regard, I believe that being an emergency physician would put me in the best position to achieve one of my goals, which is to be of service to others, especially those who are in need. I also believe that my willingness to help others will prove useful in my future career because that is exactly what emergency medicine is all about—to be able to render service that would effectively diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses that need immediate medical attention.

I understand the difficulty that emergency medicine entails but I believe I am well-equipped to hurdle all the obstacles and challenges that would come my way. In short, my determination, my various skills, and most of all my enthusiasm to learn more would help me make an impact not only during emergency situations but on entire the field of medicine as well. If am blessed and fortunate enough to be admitted for training, I will work hard to become a highly versatile and well-rounded emergency physician that would help save many lives in the future.

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