Life and Story Prognosis

Prognosis is a forecast or a prediction but not any bodies palm can know when one individual will die. As of Blaise Meredith in the story “Prognosis” reach or come to the point of intense pain or mental anguish, a period of struggle immediately preceding death. Analyzing story “Prognosis” need more understanding of a feeling ominous, which means it worries you because it makes you think. In the story Blaise Meredith plays the role of a human that possess courage the fact that he don’t even know how this given situation will develop.

Disease for him is an image of thought externalized. We classify disease as error, which nothing but Truth or Mind can heal. Disease is an experience of so-called mortal mind. It is fear made manifest on the body. Being priest his profession is to prepare other men for death suddenly it shocked him to be so unready for his own. It’s seems that he is not ready go after life, he didn’t expect that the scenario for preparing to death will come to the point that even if he expect death but not to forecast it to him and knowing the time of his death.

For him time is far more precious than everything, nothing more assuring than the touch of earth and grass, the whisper of moving car, the smell of new blossoms, the sound of voices and traffic and high bird-songs. He was a priest for twenty years knowing that life is transient imperfection. He thinks not negative but not so positive, now for him to know the date of deliverance set, why could he not accept it if not with joy at least with confidence asking no one but himself. For me defining diagnosis and prognosis is the same.

There was great interest in revising diagnostic procedures in clinical psychiatry. In other fields of medicine, diagnosis is based on causal factors. In psychiatry, however, causal agents rarely are known, except in conditions such as general paresis and drug intoxication. Hence, within the vast range of mental illnesses, diagnoses had to be primarily descriptive. With increasingly effective and more specific treatments, the old descriptive basis of diagnosis is no longer sufficient. It is increasingly necessary to classify illnesses much more precisely to determine the appropriate therapy procedures.

A possible, but provisional, basis for classification is the response of the patient to treatment: Types of depression could be classified by the way patients with given configurations of symptoms respond to different kinds of treatment. That is prognosis it diagnose when the time of life ends. Prognosis for me is a medical assessment of the probable outcome or the prospect for recovery of the disease. It has something to do about death and dying, irreversible cessation of life and the imminent approach of death. Death involves a complete change in the status of a living entity—the loss of its essential characteristics.

But prognosis is not always fall to death of somebody, because before you forecast you had diagnose it, the determination of the nature of a disease. Modern diagnosis combines the taking of the patient’s health history, a physical examination, and laboratory and radiological examinations. The story is more like a biography or close to a diary, Blaise Meredith tried to imply himself about the role he had in the story, facing danger with confidence and determination, frequently with disregard for one’s own personal safety.

Bravery is most notably displayed in war of death. He had nothing but faith with god wills. Even though he was brave enough to face his death but asking for more or something like miracle. For my opinion asking to replace me with his position in that time I rather choose to live in six months of pain than three months without pain because it’s my destiny why should I need to have a little amount time to spend without pain when in the end I will end up losing my body .

Anyway analyzing the story not made me to make a react but information and making my mind broaden to the reality of immortality. Somehow relying to the story that when it comes to life of somebody, we are bothered, worried about facing death knowing it is nearly coming is like Monsignor Blaise Meredith felt in “Prognosis”. The motion around him becomes slowly, the characteristics of having soul and body, the proof that he is alive seems to be gone like a coffee lessening the sugar intake to prevent diabetes the sweetness of enjoying it becomes bitter and bitter.

When he sit over the sun I can said that the sun doesn’t exist to his life, only a thin ray of light that his eyes only see showing the movement of everybody around him. It seems only by knowing death will come to an individual make them realize how time matter, how anything they’ve done will remark for their names or existence, realizing every moment. Life isn’t days and years. It’s what you do with time and with all the goodness and graces that’s inside you. He had to face after life, the date is set the cause had determined, he had nothing to do but go forward as even he nearly to end.

The story “Prognosis” is all about the forecast or outcome of a medical opinion about Blaise Meredith health. Analysis come in order to understand it better, in general the story is all about a character knowing he is diagnose by the doctor that he will face death in several months. A priest that prepared other men for death was shocked to be unready for his own death. He was thinking for how his life will be remembered by the people, making his few days a more worth than it ever be.

Immortality, unending existence of the soul after physical death. The doctrine of immortality is common to many religions; in different cultures, however, it takes various forms, ranging from ultimate extinction of the soul to its final survival and the resurrection of the body. The judgment of god will nearly come, formation of an opinion after consideration. Judgment also refers to God’s determination of which human beings will receive eternal reward, as in heaven, and which will not.

The outcome of the story is like not a happy ending but a confident ending, Blaise Meredith a priest that have courage, a person that is brave enough to accept the truth, even though the doctor announce that he only have a shorter time to see the world, to feel everything by his sense’s together with the pain cause of illness in his body. The soul that for him the only thing that most people pray for and my critic for the story is that it was a full of meaning and a story that we can learn. Effective health care depends on self care.

The medicalization of early diagnosis not only hampers and discourages preventative health care but it also trains the patient-to-be to function, as an acolyte to his doctor. He learns to depend on the physician in sickness and in health. He turns into a life-long patient but Blaise Meredith is no like other he only ask for more, for something to do before he died. It is part of the cure to wished to be cured, being positive thinker doesn’t mean everything don’t bothered you or worried you it is the fact that you end up accepting what will happen.

The deficiencies which I think good to note… I will enumerate…. The first is the discontinuance of the ancient and serious diligence of Hippocrates, which used to set down a narrative of the special cases of his patients, and how they proceeded, and how they were judged by recovery or death. The story is very logical thing, it is based on fact that death is reality but Prognosis is just a prediction about how a given situation will develop. Analysis of the Story “PROGNOSIS” MORRIS WEST.

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