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Information Technology in Pharmaceutical Industry The Pharmaceutical industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade and is considered one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The challenges the Pharma industry faces are: * High competition leading to reduced margin.

*Unstable policies resulting in ever changing government regulations * Dynamic data and information * Patent expiration * Disparate systems located across geographies The impact of IT in Pharmaceuticals can be broadly classified into * Business * Pharmacology In Business, IT has helped the Pharma Industry to: * Identify business growth opportunities globally.

* Support the generation and review of business strategy * Monitor competitors, clients and suppliers * Evaluate risk and opportunities Following are a couple of interesting Innovations: Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System offers a new and innovative approach to managing clinical trials.

The approach focuses on strengthening relationships with trial participants, especially investigators and subjects, by using Siebel customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions. Benefits •Improving Clinical Trial Efficiency with Optimized Processes •Ability to Design Complex and Adaptive Trials •Robust Global Trial Management.

•Improve Investigator Relationships and Site Performance • Improve Clinical Research Associate Productivity CPOE is defined to include both inpatient orders and the electronic ordering of outpatient prescriptions often referred to as e-prescribing. The Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE).

& Physician can make good clinical decisions based on e-records of patients and other caregivers input orders directly into a computer, thereby eliminating problems with handwriting legibility and order transcription. Computerized pharmacy billing along with automated label generation, Computer-supported medication supply and distribution.

Computerized warnings for drug allergies and provides platform for online order verification by pharmacist to Order entry into the pharmacy information system. eDetailing simply means using digital technology in the sales detailing process. Pharmaceutical companies use it to communicate product and service messages and related information to healthcare professionals.

Doctors in the United States are highly time pressured and encouraged to see as many patients as possible. This means that they often do not have the time to meet with pharmaceutical sales representatives.

There is no doubt that detailing directly to the doctor serves an important purpose. Doctors want and need information from sales representatives – but on their own time terms. Impacts on Pharmacology:

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Laboratory information management System is comprised of software that has the ability to catalogue, manage, and compile database forms for resulting and result submission. LIMS enables the laboratories to handle more complex and difficult work flow and sample management. It automates the lab processes which help the labs to improve their efficiency, quality and productivity.

LIMS is essential for the reliable productivity needed in most medical, forensic, and research laboratories. Traceability Traceability is a growing technology which provides a foundation for a variety of tools and operations. IBM’s Solution has developed InfoSphere Traceability Server as part of Pharmaceutical Track & Trace.

It also leverages in WebSphere Premises Server and captures data through sensors placed. This technology combined with business intelligence provides a wide sector for development. It helps in maintaining the integrity of supply-chain visibility and reverse logistics.

The survey conducted by Institute of Medicine showed that 44000 to 98000 Americans die each year due to the medical mistakes made during hospitalizations. The commonly cited problem is that communications system breaks down.

Hence the Western Maryland Health System (WMHS) has come up with a Bedside Medication Verification System to allow the nurses and clinicians to provide the right medicine at right time. Bill Byers, CIO, and WMHS quoted the following words: “Once we implemented our Enterasys Identify Wi-Fi solution, our coverage increased to 100% and our BMV system now functions flawlessly and is widely adopted by our clinical staff.

” Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Pharmaceutical industry is learning how to utilize “Big Data”. In healthcare, we’ve Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data coming together with genomic and genetic data; financial data; and patient-reported data to deliver insight into which therapies provide the highest overall value to patients and healthcare systems at the lowest cost. This information will be vital under healthcare reform and the upcoming move to accountable care organizations (ACOs).

ACOs encourage better patient outcomes by reimbursing healthcare providers based on quality outcomes and measures. Using EMR data and e-prescribing information, physicians and insurance companies can better track patient outcomes over the long-term, a critical element for providers to demonstrate their performance and therefore be properly reimbursed.

IT has evidently lead to breakthroughs in the entire Health Care industry, Pharmaceuticals being one of them has benefited a lot in terms of R&D, Logistics, Data Management, Market Research and even Sales.

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