Improving flexibility in each joint of the body

Nowadays the number of sports or physical games played throughout the world is increasing. The frequency of a particular sport has dramatically increased during the last two decades. The players and sportsmen need to give full attention to their exercise and diet in order to remain fit as much as possible. Both male and female athletes require a daily exercise and workout in order to make themselves both physically and mentally strong and agile. The sports are now very demanding and only those can survive who have the high fitness and stamina.

However, the objective of this paper to throw some light on various exercises and training that people need to perform in order to keep their body fit and stretches the joints. The most basis exercise to keep your body flexible is swimming. Swimming daily, not only keeps your body parts inactive, but also helps in gaining height as it stretches the joints of the body, especially the shoulders, and enhances your stamina. Swimming requires less effort of joints and makes bones and muscles of the body strong and powerful.

Athletes throughout the world consider swimming as an excellent mode of training and swim to keep their physique in shape. Besides that, swimming prevents from heart and lung diseases. Although there are plenty of exercises helpful for joints, but rowing is one that is considered as the most suitable workout for stretching joints and muscles. Rowing exercise caters all the main joints of the body especially arms, knees, back and hips. Rowing is an aerobic that can be practiced indoor as well by using rowing machines.

Rowing also helps in fast burning of calories. Most of the trainers recommend cycling for making your body more flexible. It is beneficial for making thighs and knees strong. Besides this, it also burns calories and fats. Cycling makes your abdominal ribs strong and helps in reducing weight as well. Cycling also prevents from many fatal diseases such as blood pressure, heart strokes and diabetes. Daily walk and jogging is useful for maintaining the fitness of a person. Both these are very useful for legs and knees.

It makes muscles stronger and gives tremendous amount of stamina. Jogging helps in better flow of blood circulation, which reduces stress and refreshes mind. The treadmill also provides somewhat similar advantages. Stair climbing is also a very effective exercise as it caters quadriceps and hips muscle as well. Some exercises that are useful for upper part of body are pull-ups, push-ups, weight lifting etc. Pull-ups and push-ups are useful for shoulders, forearm, biceps and triceps. As bodybuilding strengthens the muscle, it protects the joints from inflammation.

Sports such as Squash, Tennis are very good for stretching body muscles and joints. Although, exercises and trainings helps in stretching of joints, but special care regarding diet and preventive should also be given. The athletes need to ice their joints in order to prevent from arthritis and pain in the joints. Similarly, there are some seafood such as tuna fish, which prevents from pain from swelling of joints.


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