Flexibility Exercise

My stretches were good. The only different stretch I did was using the fit ball. Able to do the stretches in 1-2 minutes including the fit ball. Stretching and lengthen my muscles including my back and abdominals from using the fit ball. In this week Philip has decreased his time in the Treadmill which is not a very good idea as it’s not an improvement, but surely he had a reason to do so, maybe feeling fatigue or not warmed up properly, I think in the next session he should make sure he gets back on track with doing 15 minutes at a higher intensity to improve what he lost this week.

His muscular strength seems to be improving, even though he is being really unorganised with it, but hopefully he will stay in the 3 sets of 20 repetitions for the rest of the weeks or till he feels confident. But I still think he should lower the repetitions and increase the weights, to gain a better muscular strength in shorter time. In his flexibility section he was completely fine and also added the swiss or fit ball, to make sure he stretches his back muscles and abdominals, I think he should keep on doing the same, maybe increasing more the time of each stretch to notice a difference.

This day I was focusing more on my legs and arms muscles. I was able to do 3 sets of 25 reps in lifting dumbbells and all the equipments that worked mainly on my legs. Able to complete 3 sets of 25 reps of all the exercise equipments including the dumbbells. From improving my leg muscle strength and endurance. I’m also slowly improving my arms strength. Flexibility Exercise (Stretches) 1-2 minutes Since I was concentrating on my arms and leg muscles, I gave my self more time on them. I had no problem in stretching longer time for my legs and arms.

Able to cope in stretching a longer time on my arms and legs. Improving my flexibility level. Stretching my muscles and joints with out any pain. This fifth week of Philip’s performance has gone good, he did the cross mill for 10 minutes which I think he should of done at least 12, but as he said he improved his performance in the cross mill which is good as next session he could work on it even harder.

He is still increasing the repetitions of the weight lifting, while this improves more his muscular endurance than his muscular strength, but he succeed in improving capability of lifting heavy weights with the leg muscle groups. Next time he should decrease the intensity of the repetitions and focus in safety wise, as its not very good doing too much of leg muscles if you’ve not done it before. But I think he should stay with the 3 sets and 20 repetitions as he was comfortable of doing it the last week.

Flexibility still as good and even increasing the time works with him, so maybe another type of stretches can be worked out or making them last for longer.  I had no problem in doing the cross mill. It was quit easy just like last week. I broke a little bit of sweat. Able to finish the cross mill in 10 minutes. Able to cope with the cross mill and improving the CV. Lifting Dumbbells 2 sets of 20 reps Again I was focusing on my legs and arms muscles. I was able to do 3 sets of 30 reps in lifting dumbbells (but I broke a lot of sweat) and all the equipments that worked mainly on my legs. Able to succeed 3 sets of 30 reps including the exercise equipments for my legs.

Improved my muscular strength and endurance. Also improved the amount of reps that I can do. Flexibility Exercise (Stretches) 1-2 minutes Since I was again concentrating on my arms and leg muscles, I gave my self more time on them. I had no problem in stretching longer time for my legs and arms. Able to complete the stretching and hold them for a longer time. I’ve helped in improving my muscle’s length and flexibility. Prevented my self from not getting ay injuries. Finally in the last week he continued doing the same time on the treadmill which was easy but no improvement from last week was done, which this maintained the cardiovascular system instead of increasing it, in next session he should make sure he increases the time about 10 minutes at a steady pace to make sure he improves his CV.

For his muscular strength he increased the repetitions too much, I think it’s a waste of energy as he is mainly improving muscular endurance and not strength, therefore he should start going down to 3 sets of 12 – 15 repetitions and increasing weight in the last set, so he has his muscles prepare for that kind of weight the next session. Finally flexibility is going perfect, he is showed a perfect flexibility during this 6 week training, and he only has to make sure he keeps on training as much as possible as fitness decreases if it’s not trained.

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My name is Luke Cuthbert, I am 16 years old, and I am studying GCSE P.E at Sawyers Hall College. I suffer from slight back problems due to a car accident that can hinder exercise at times. -Each week I participate …

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