Improve my weaknesses within the game

As I do a lot of dancing I take part in many shows, competitions and examinations. These happen quite often, normally monthly. I am specifically fit for dancing. This is an extension of general fitness; it is necessary if the activity is particularly demanding and if the performer is competing at a high level. The areas of specific fitness needed for dancing are mainly flexibility and strength. Dancers will be able to provide a more pleasing performance because increased flexibility will enable them to be more expressive and movements will be performed with greater ease.

Body posture is important for a dancer and therefore increased flexibility helps to improve your posture, so that your body is held in the correct position. Upper body strength is required for a dancer as well as leg strength. At the moment I have no injuries or health problems so I can perform to my best ability. Netball is a game which I very much enjoy and have been playing for about 7 years. Within my primary school years I took an interest for netball and since then I have continued playing. I was part of the school team and now I play for the 6th form team.

I have participated in many competitive and non-competitive games, tournaments (district and county) and also trials. This shows that I have a lot of experience for this game and this has improved my ability to play netball and I have become a more competent player. The school netball team was very successful such that we were the district tournament winners. Being successful in this activity has helped to maintain my enjoyment for the game. For my action plan I want to improve on two different factors. Here are the two areas of netball that I am going to concentrate on an aspect of:

Skill Fitness For each of these areas I am going to try and improve on one element. Within netball a player’s performance is limited by her physical strength and stamina, her reaction time and where (tactics come in) her intelligence. There are several aspects of fitness that I need when playing netball: Agility – the ability to change the body quickly and to control the whole movement of the body. This is needed in order to get free from your opponent. Dodging your opponent may cause them to become unbalanced, so that you are able to get free to receive a pass.

Also if possession of the ball is lost then a change in speed is required in order to mark your opponent and have the chance to regain possession. Muscular Endurance – is the ability of the muscles to contract and relax repeatedly over a prolonged period of time, without becoming tired. Muscular endurance is needed in the legs in order to carry on moving throughout the game (Biceps femoris, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus, Rectus femoris, Vastus lateralis, Vastus medialis, Vastus intermedius, gatrocnemius and Soleus).

For example, when running to receive a pass, or when marking your opponent. Also muscular endurance is needed in the arms to be able to pass the ball continuously throughout the game, and also to provide sufficient strength in the arms to throw the ball t a far distance. Strength – is the amount of force, muscles are able to exert against a resistance. Leg and arm strength is needed when throwing, jumping and running. Also good abdominal strength is needed to maintain a good posture. The three types of strength; static, dynamic and explosive are all important in the game netball.

Explosive – Maximum force used in one movement, i. e. power. It’s a combination of speed and force. This is needed in netball for single explosive acts. At the centre pass, explosive strength is needed in the leg muscles to be able to sprint dodge to get free to receive a pass. As I often play WD, this explosive strength is needed in this situation. In the situation, where there is a rebound (i. e. after an attempted shot) explosive strength is needed again in the leg muscles to be able to jump quickly to receive the ball.

Explosive strength requires speed of movement and maximum muscular effort. Speed – is the ability to perform a movement or cover a distance in a short period of time. The sprint dodge requires speed, so that you are able to get free from your opponent to receive a pass. Also when possession of the ball is lost, speed is needed so that you can run back quickly and mark your opponent to try and gain possession. As a Centre I use my speed at the majority of times in order to get in front of my opponent to be in a safe position to receive a pass.

Fast arm speed results in; passes being able to be thrown over a long distance and also the faster the passes, the faster the pace of the game. Flexibility – is the ability to use joints and muscles through a full range of movement ad to move the joints with ease. The more flexible you are can reach or intercept the ball. With a full range of movement at the joints all performances will be improved and improved flexibility increases the range over which muscles can apply force. Flexibility can increase your speed due to an increased stride length. Flexibility in the arms and shoulders will improve throwing of the ball.

Also flexibility is needed in both the back and hip as it not only improves your body posture but flexibility is needed when performing the feint dodge. I t also improves the effectiveness of antagonistic muscles, so therefore coordination and agility improves. Both of these aspects of fitness are important in netball, i. e. better passing, dodging Balance – is the ability to keep an upright position without faltering during the execution of the performance. Good balance when landing will result in more accurate passes as you will be well balanced and will not be faltering when releasing the ball.

Also when marking your opponent; to gain a full stretch, balance is required. This will improve your defending as it will be more difficult for your opponent to find a member of their team to pass to. Coordination – is the ability to use your senses, such as your eyes, together with your body parts, such as your arms or to use two or more body parts together. It is important in the game of netball when marking your opponent as hand-eye coordination is needed. When marking, you need to divide your attention so that you are aware of where the ball is and also where your opponent is.

This allows you to mark your opponent but also by watching the ball, it gives you the opportunity to intercept the ball if you gat the chance. Also hand-eye coordination Multi-limb Co-ordination – This is definitely necessary when playing netball, because you need your arms and legs to work together efficiently, i. e. when running. You need to bring your right arm up as you raise your left leg and vice-versa. Before starting my training programme, I carried out several tests in order to help me analyse my current level of fitness, including the components of fitness necessary to play netball.

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