Hypnosis and Cognitive

With the new technology that is present today, it is already possible to transport information anywhere in the world. The internet will be used as one of the tools in the recruitment of clients. Advertisement on the net through social networking sites would be useful in disseminating information such as the services offered by the wellness center. Newsprint is also one way of informing the public as to the existence of a stress management wellness center.

Since the center will focus on professionals, it can collaborate with particular companies that are willing to endorse the services of the center among its clients. Preferred Clients The stress management wellness center will be open to all types of individuals. However, the target population for this project will be professionals. These consist of people who work in the offices. Since these persons are seated most of the time during work, they have a high potential of developing stress-related difficulties such as mental fatigue, and inability to concentrate.

Their inability to move freely because of work makes them vulnerable to physical illnesses that are caused by stress. Other professionals such as educators, Measurement As mentioned in the previous pages, the wellness center will be using the Social Readjustment Rating Scale will be used in assessing the level of stress each client is experiencing. Administration of the test will be done during the time of consultation of the client, prior to any treatment.

After the test, the assessment will be further supplemented by an interview which is to be conducted by a trained psychologist or counselor. Also, the counselor or the psychologists are to take note their own observations on their respective clients. Based on the data which is to be collected from the clients, the therapists are then able to determine what kind of treatment is appropriate for optimum results of the program. After the specified time span of each treatment as recommended by the therapists, another set of SRRS will be given to the clients.

Along with the test, another interview will also be conducted together with recorded observations made by the therapists. Pretest and posttest will be compared in order to determine significant changes in behavior and stress levels. Low stress levels and decrease in negative feedbacks from the therapists indicate a success in the stress management programs. Summary Literature mentioned in the previous pages showed the seriousness of stress and its effects on humans. It was mentioned that stress has the potential to cause different types of illnesses.

Because of the growing number of stressors brought about by changes in society and technology, stress managements have become a serious goal and have now been professionalized. A stress management wellness center therefore is an effective way of managing stress and reducing the chances of stress-related illnesses. A series of therapy programs such as progressive relaxation, meditation, hypnosis with cognitive behavior therapy, and music therapy proved to be valid and effective interventions as they were supported by different studies.

Furthermore, assessments such as the Social Readjustment Rating Scale would provide pretest and posttest information, that would determine the efficacy of each treatment. These results would go hand in hand with observational data made by therapists.


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