How I will create my Programme?

During the Christmas period, I will be following my personal exercise programme to increase my declining fitness, which has happened over the last 2 months. Because my football team taking a break from training, due to the season has finishing, going out socialising with friends, eating the wrong type of foods like pizzas and chocolate, I have found little time to retain my fitness. Although there are different aspects that have changed which lead to a decline in my fitness, it is my fault that I have not done anything to prevent it, so will be my job to start this programme and help get me back on track.

Although it is to help my fitness improve, which would increase my performance and Excel me, in the many of the sport that I do, it will also help me improve my physical appearance and help me be able to present myself better, to friends and family. How I will create my Programme? I have designed my fitness around athletics and although it may not be my major/prioritised sport, I find it will be the easiest, more accessible way to increase my fitness in this short period of time. I will start by short light jogging, about a mile long and this will be extended to 5 miles to the end of the 6 weeks.

If I feel that I have excelled myself in the training and could handle more, I will extend this distance to a maximum of 10 miles. To measure how far I will actually run I will use certain geographical sites that include the distance to and from different buildings in the area that I will run. If I am in the gym then it would be a lot easier to measure having the machine calculating itself. I will use the same principal that I used on the amount I will run in a week towards the number of times I will run in the week.

At the beginning of the programme I will run a twice maybe extending to a third time, having a high number of rest days. Towards the end of the programme I will increase this number of runs to 5 which will intern decreasing the number of rest days. Although on these rest days I will be mostly resting from the exercise the day before, I will do a light number of stretches and exercise, which I can do in my room, so that my muscles and bones will not seize up and cause effect on the next day of training.

Improving my Diet As well as my training, there is also my diet to consider. Over the last few month I have not been eating right, I have indulged myself in simple carbohydrate and fatty luxuries like chocolate, crisps, chips and fast food, which I have eaten late at night. So I have planned out a specific diet based on complex carbohydrate foods (pasta, potatoes, rice), and foods with plenty of protein (red meat, fish, eggs). I planned these foods out so that they are equally shared over the weeks.

To help me come up with these foods, I made up a list of foods which I can and can’t have, then I separated the foods that I can have, into sections made up of protein, carbohydrates, fibre, fats, water, vitamins and minerals. This ensures that the food that I eat will benefit me on the day, depending on what exercises I have done and how much of that exercise that I do. How I decide to exercise? Because it is hard for me to just go into a gym and start running, or just to run along the roads, I have written up a plan, in the same way that I have worked out my diet, except this is for my exercise.

I wrote down all the exercises that apply to my programme, then I have separated them into days that I could do them, these exercises are used alongside the running that I will do freehand, or on the treadmill. This way I can spread out my fitness to the whole of my body, giving to me an overall fitness. This will help me acknowledge how I am progressing and how far to push myself if I was to go even further. knowing what I have done I can measure the level of my fitness. How I will record my Data?

Recording my data will be the hardest detail theory based; I will keep a diary of what I do on that day which will include; What I ate, What exercises I did, The times I did it in, How far I travelled (if I did). This will include targets like run 5miles or go to the gym 3 times. It would also include a day to day profile of what I have to do, day to attend the gym and rest days. At the end of the week I will write up a summary of how I think have done, if I followed it and what I have learnt by doing this week of the programme.

I will also include how I feel whether it is better or worse and if I would have changed any of the exercise/level of exercise/type of exercise. I will also measure my level of fitness, to see how I have improved. To do this I will take a bleep test every Saturday before any training on that day. At the end of the programme I will include this data in a table and graph to see physically how I have improved. To increase this evidence of physical improvement I will take a picture before and after, including one each week, to see if I have improved on my appearance.

Managing my weight will also be recorded at the end of each week and placed on a graph. At the week all the graphs will be put together and I will included them in my evaluation of the whole programme, to see if it has worked, what I would of changed and how I have benefited physically and mentally. This will give my assessor a detailed programme of what I did and how I have progressed. Knowing what I have eaten they could see how it helped. How I will follow my Programme?

At the beginning of each week I will have a section of the programme that I will follow, knowing what I have to do for that week will help me follow the programme, as it would be easier to digest mentally, in smaller parts How to learn more through the programme? During the programme I will also include articles so that I can see how I can benefit from my exercises more efficiently and how I can prevent injuries. I will also use them to learn more about how my body works, how I receive my energy and how I build up by products during exercise like lactic acid. Also the effects outside forces have on the economy of sports.

I will be designing a six-week personal exercise programme specifically for pre season football. I currently play football for the school 1st XI. I do also enjoy playing many other sports such as cricket, badminton and athletics, which I participate …

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Specificity- we must train for our own particular sport, and on specific areas of our body in relation to our sport. We need to use a training programme that puts regular stress on the muscle groups we are concerned with. …

A training programme can be used to improve general fitness and skill in a sport. The training programme can be adapted to suit the user. Using the programme over a period of time will increase the fitness of the user. …

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