Heart rate in circuit training

There are other ways also in which you can stretch your muscles. The last phase of the warm up is the mobility work. For this I will practise a couple of lay-ups, jump shots and do a bit of dribbling up and down the court. I don’t think mobility work is necessary for fitness training as I won’t be preparing for a game of basketball but you can do this if you want to. Cool Down We cool down, so that the next day you don’t get pains in your muscles that you used the day before. Cooling down helps to get rid of lactic acid which builds up during anaerobic activity.

My cool down should last approximately 5 minutes. You should make your stretches last at least 20 seconds to be sure that you have got rid of lactic acid. Cooling down is basically the second phase of warming up. Main activity In my main activity I should be concentrating on the game Basketball. Basketball is a team sport which requires a lot of physical strength especially in the legs. Arms are also very important for dribbling and shooting. The abdominal muscles are vital in basketball as in any other sport so you don’t get cramps in the stomach.

Basketball involves 5 people in a team which means you can get tired very quickly as there aren’t many people to pass to, therefore, you need a high level of fitness to perform at a high level in basketball. Base Line Fitness In order for me to show improvement of fitness over the six weeks of training, I will have to find out my base line fitness. I showed this by doing a bleep test. I got up to level 10. 1 and it took me11 minutes for me to get back to my resting heart rate.

At the end of my six weeks training I will re-take the bleep test and I should get up to a higher level and I should get back to my resting heart rate quicker than 11 minutes. I have measured my resting heart rate on three consecutive mornings after waking up. 76 bpm, 72 bpm, 68 bpm, which gives me an average of 72 bpm. So my resting heart rate should be lower. You can measure your pulse either in your neck or your wrist, using your index finger and middle finger. Make sure you don’t use your thumb as it has a pulse too.

Circuit: I completed most of my stations quite easily, but my main problem was not being able to use basketball courts as they were already being occupied. The circuit worked all my muscles and the shuttle runs were adequate for my cardiovascular fitness. I worked on each station for 45 seconds and had 20 seconds rest and I completed the circuit twice. I was working 60-70% of my maximum heart rate. I will need to apply the FITT principle to my next circuit training session. Intensity: I will have to work harder as I found this lesson quite easy.

Time: I will do the circuit 3 times. This shows Progression. Continuous: I chose fartlek as my continuous training and ran for 12 minutes. I found this a little too easy for my cardio vascular fitness. I was working 60-70% of my maximum heart rate. Therefore, to show the principles of Progression, I shall run for 12 minutes next week Week 2: Circuit: I found this weeks training hard but not to the point where it was impossible. This shows the principle of Overload. My heart rate was at approximately 80% of my maximum heart rate.

I think I’ll stick to this amount of circuits for now. Continuous: I did fartlek training for 14 minutes and found this quite hard, but to show the principle of Overload and Progression, I will run for 15 minutes next time. Week 3: On this week I was skiing for 6 days. This helped me progress in my cardiovascular fitness and circuit training even more so than it would in school, therefore I will count this week as part of my fitness training. Week 4: Circuit: I led the circuit training in my P. E class for this lesson

Continuous: I have decided to change my fartlek training to just a normal jog. I jogged for 15 minutes and again found this quite hard. I feel I didn’t pace myself properly which lead me to work around 85% of my maximum heart rate. Also Natasha was trying to annoy me by going on about how tired she was which made me angry and lose count over how many laps I had done. Next week I will run for 16 minutes, showing Progression and Overload. Week 5: Circuit: I found this weeks circuit quite hard as I have not done it for 2 weeks. I will leave it as it is for now

Continuous: I jogged for 16 minutes and found this quite demanding, but I have also realised that I’m not short of breath as much as I was in the previous weeks. I was working 75-80% of my maximum heart rate. I believe my cardiovascular fitness is improving. Next week I will run for 18 minutes. Week 6: Circuit: This being my last week, I found not too hard, and not too easy. I didn’t improve as much as I wanted to but I did improve the areas I wanted it to. Continuous: I found this quite easy. I feel I have improved the most in this area. Final Evaluation

To be honest, I’m not too happy about certain aspects of the 6 weeks training. I feel that I didn’t have the equipment I need all the time and 6 weeks is not quite enough to show big signs of improvement in fitness. My recovery heart rate is now quicker. It takes me 8-9 minutes to recover but I can’t honestly say I feel the improvements. If given the opportunity to redo the training, I would make it last longer and be more organised in arranging equipment and the next training session.


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