Heart Disease

Heart disease is what is known as the silent killer; to me I believe this whole heartedly. I hold this particular disease close to my heart because I had a lost due to the disease in my family. I had to realize that it must be really serious for the simple fact that it works so silently and could kill off so easily. I did my research on it and I now know the severity of it. Everyone should know whether it runs in the family or not what to look for, how to prevent it, management, diagnosis treatment and care.

Heart disease fall under a plethora of diseases that affect the heart, it all ranges from the blood vessels, coronary artery, heart rhythms, heart infections and heart defects. Symptoms Heart disease could be a very complicated disease; therefore there are things that we should have the knowledge of knowing. As any other disease if we do not know what there is look for it can get drastic if not taken care of. Lets’ be clear there different types of heart disease, but my main focus is to get the basis of what signs to be aware of.

Some of the symptoms may seem to be like a regular cold symptom in the beginning, what the kicker is recognizing when it is not as such and it is more serious. Having fatigue and dizziness to point where you feel you are going pass out and or you do, that is a major sign. Make sure that you document it when it happens as well. The second issue that I could see no one could bypass is chest pain, extreme pain that cannot be disregarded and is very uncomfortable; at that point the best response would be to call or get to the doctor as soon as possible. Any irregular signs that you know to be are

going on with yourself with your heat, such as a slow heat beat, fast paced, fluttering those are warning signs and should be taken seriously. Last but not least is shortness of breath, it is not a great feeling and it will literally take your breath away, I you are on point with all things that are triggering you to believe there may be an issue do something about it Prevention Prevented a disease can be troublesome to most, a lot of individual are stuck in their ways and just do not know how to turn their life around to prevent and or just do not have the knowledge of it from the beginning.

Heart disease can be treated easier when detected early on; with that being said there five steps that can be done to help prevent heart disease. Step one, would be if you are a smoker put the cigarettes/tobacco down. The chemicals in the cigarettes damage the blood vessels, which in turn can lead to narrowing of the arteries in other words can result in atherosclerosis. Step two, exercise for at least thirty minutes a day for at least 4 days out of the week. It is refreshing and gets blood flowing through the vessels and arteries.

It helps to maintain a good health weight and I let’s strain off the heart when your weight is up to par. Step three; eating healthy what this means is having a diet that is low in fat, cholesterol and salt. Too much fatty foods or too much salt results in many bad things which is unwanted, so finding a balance diet is the best way to go. A good healthy diet is fruit vegetables and water. By the way knowing the difference between saturated foods and trans fat goes a long way.

Step four; weight control goes hand in with the last two steps I mentioned earlier. If you are exercising and eating healthy your weight should pretty much be on in good standards. Taking the time to learn what your BMI is will help in leaning what your healthy weight should be. Step five; health check-ups on a consistent basis. When you are not checking on your health as much as possible it can hurt you at the end of the day. Always stay in contact with your physicians. Diagnosis There are many tests that can be run to diagnose heart disease.

One of the many is x-rays, blood tests, electrocardiogram, biopsy, CT scan. But the man point is there will be a physical exam done to see what exactly is and see what is in your family history. The entire test that I mentioned are not all done, they will decide what tests should be done according to. Treatment Treatments may vary depending on each individual. It could be just as simple as changing your lifestyle around, or medications, or as serious as surgery. The goal mostly is to widen the narrowing of the arteries.

It can get extensive as heart transplant or maybe not, it is based on how soon you catch it severity and how soon you catch.

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Maintaining good physical fitness and a healthy diet could save most Americans from developing heart disease, however, other chronic diseases cannot be controlled. In, 2005, Dr. Rich stated in a report that cancer is the number one killer of Americans …

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