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This assignment analyzes a wiki site. The wiki site I have chosen in Medpedia, which aims to share information about health and medicine among health professionals and the general public. Structure and Purpose The home page invites the user to either log in, or create an account with the website. The site is divided into various sections, namely a Question and Answer section, News Alerts, an Articles section, and a page dedicated to the editors of the site.

The site is also divided into a number of portals. Each portal contains articles related to a specific medical field. So, for example, the portal titled Adult Primary Care, will contain articles related to this specific field. Other portals include Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Women’s Health. The intent of this wiki is to share knowledge of medical and health care professionals with the public. Thus, members can post various questions related to health and get answers from other knowledgeable members.

Look, Feel and Target Audience The site is informative, and yet has a homely and friendly atmosphere. It gives a feeling of community. Being a member means you get timely advice and feedback on whatever health concerns you may have. Although the site warns that recommendations found here should not substitute for a doctor’s recommendation, it is still a comfort to get answers for everyday health concerns that might be plaguing people’s minds.

Thus, the target is anyone interested in advancing their knowledge about health concerns or interacting with knowledgeable health professionals. Reason for Selection I have selected this site because I find myself asking various questions related to health which don’t really call for a doctor’s appointment. There are a number of issues which only need informal advice. For this reason I find this site personally satisfying. It gives answers to various health related questions which may be of concern to you in a fast and convenient way.

Bottom-line Evaluation of Value Other than answering specific questions which members might have, the wiki also shares information through news alerts. News related to epidemics such as bird flu, as well as advancements made in life threatening diseases such as AIDS and Cancer, are posted in the News section. Thus, the audience is kept up to date about various health concerns. I believe this adds considerable value to the interested audience members.


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