Health Care Delivery System

Restructuring even a fraction of an organization is no easy task; but, with the influx of advancements in the systems of health care delivery, this has posed a great challenge to all nursing service administrators to initiate reforms in their organization. This has created an inevitable change to keep up with the new developments and the need to adapt to these changes. But accompanying this growth is the predicament on whether or not these health care services are made available to all and affordable to the less privileged.

Being the Director of Nursing Services does not give you the full governance of the organization to make final decisions; thus, posing a degree of difficulty when instituting organizational reforms to accommodate the needs for change at the same time making it accessible to all clients. Presuming I have been afforded the chance to become Director of Nursing Service, it all comes down first to assessment – of the situation or pressing concerns of the organization that directly affect the delivery of health services. Scheduling a regular meeting can be an avenue for the staff to raise their concerns/issues and suggestions.

Likewise, during this period, the factors that have an effect on the problem can be identified as well. This is also the best time to discuss possible programs on health promotion that can be incorporated in the plan of care for every client who comes to the facility. The cost of health care has increased along with every development; in consequence, the difficulty of access to appropriate care among the poor has increased as well. As a leader of the nursing services, it would be of aid if the organization can launch programs on health promotion and tap partnership with the local health units and other health organizations.

Every program entails the need for resources, and the involvement of the community will not only help in the finances but also for easy information dissemination. The people will be made aware and take part in their own health. Instead of waiting for them to come to us, we go to them – we make our services available to them to ensure that health care is made accessible and available to all despite their economic status. After all, this can be a marketing strategy – a way of inviting people to avail of the services you have in your facility.

Nevertheless, I have a strong conviction in health education as part of rendering health services and involvement of people in making care decisions. This will boost them rather than generate resistance. To continue with the process, from among the identified concerns, it is necessary to prioritize which problem needs an immediate plan and action based on its gravity. The most critical of problems takes precedence on action planning. It is central in every aspect of planning to begin with setting out the goals and objectives that should be specific, measurable and realistic before jumping into solutions.

These provide the standards that will guide evaluation. Subsequently, solutions can then be generated to achieve the objectives. In this case, I would employ brainstorming so that every member of the staff will participate and is given the chance to speak out and share his or her ideas and suggestions. After gathering all the alternative solutions, these are individually discussed and analyzed considering both the positive and negative impacts and the resource allocation available. Then, the courses of actions are finally set.

After mapping out the actions to be undertaken, came in the creation of a committee of persons who will do it, and arranges how and when to do it. It is equally important to organize the staff to take part in the preparation prior to implementation of the program. This empowers the staff to get involved in the process of launching a new program; thus, encourages participation and minimizes the extent of resistance. As a leader to organize the staff, I will group them, assign a head and allocate the resources, tasks and activities necessary to carry out the set objectives and with relevance to their expertise.

This manner of delegation gives the group the autonomy to do the activities without compromising the accomplishment of goals. Target dates for completion or time framework of tasks will also be scheduled accordingly and final instructions on what is to be done and the degree of responsibilities afforded to each one of them or to every group will also be given. In delegation, I as the leader control and coordinate their work; sees to it that all tasks have been carried out in accordance with the plan and conforms to the target schedule of every activity.

It is in this phase that continuous monitoring is done to measure if the objectives have been accomplished and to spot the encountered and potential setbacks in the process of implementation. From the feedbacks, necessary improvements shall be undertaken and at the end of the process is the evaluation meeting to determine if the program succeeded in achieving its objectives, the problems encountered and if the program has to be continued or completely revised. If it’s in real practice, I prefer pilot testing of a particular program, for instance in a specific department, to see how the plan works.

This saves resources at the same time spares you the impediments of having a large group for a start. It will be much easier to organize and monitor a smaller group. The key though is always the participation of each member. Each one of the participating group has to understand the aims of the program. Any form of organizational reform assimilates a variety of processes; every phase is integral to each other. If one analyzes this, the craftsmanship of the process is through carefully planned steps all the way from creation of a plan to evaluation.

Nevertheless, the process is all and the same for every program; every leader may utilize the same processes but every leader is unique in his or her own way of determining promotion strategies not only to increase revenue in the already tough competition among health care facilities but more importantly to ensure that the services are made accessible to all. We as a people should work towards a healthier community despite the increasing cost of health care and economic demise. Remember how one person can make all the difference, by just simply empowering others to get involved and take responsibility.

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