Health care delivery system

In this course, I have learned that it is very important to be aware of the health care system of the United States of America. This is mostly due to the fact that as citizens of this country, we all have the right to the basic healthcare services and we need to ensure that we are obtaining these. Because of the knowledge that I acquired during this course I believe that my knowledge have improved, and so as my skills, abilities, and myself as an individual of this country.

I believe this is so because what I learned in this course provided me with the knowledge that I can utilize in order to identify the health care delivery system in my country and everything there is to know about it, and I am confident that I will be able to impart this knowledge to others. My skills have improved because I now have the ability to evaluate the standards critically of any health care system, which was also taught in this course.

I know that my abilities have grown because I can now confidently discuss to anybody what managed care is and how this is utilized with regards to the health care delivery system here in the country. I reckon that I, myself, have improved because without all of the information that I have, understanding my role as a proponent of the health care delivery system of my own country would not be plausible. The amount of effort and the hard work that I have put through during the course is I believe reasonable enough to get me good grades.

I have been reading and I have been following instructions, I have been doing all the tasks assigned to me and so far, I do not regret burying myself into all the work that I put through this semester. And albeit I would say that I did my best, I also deem that there will always be room for improvement. Hence, I know that I can be better and I could have performed better if I had more time to read and understand what I have read. But other than that, I could have handled everything just fine.

This course is critical in analyzing and evaluating problems regarding health care that is commonly faced by not only the government but the health care institutions as well. The issues regarding health care delivery system and the laws that it affect have somewhat left me in awe. There have been and there still are numerous laws and bills regarding health care in general that is very important in understanding the concepts such as health reform, immigration of health care workers, the effect of regression in health care, legalities of insurances, among many others.

I deem that I can improve on it if it were already incorporated in the topics and if only the most relevant information is to be included. However, I do not mind reading them as long as there’s ample time. There are flaws in every health care delivery system and these are usually masked behind powerful propagandas and colorful innuendos. If through my thorough evaluation of it I was able to find a flaw, then I believe that I have applied what I have learned in this course effectively.

I deem that I have achieved what the objectives of this course are because I know that my professor did everything to impart the knowledge to us and in return I did my best to acknowledge the efforts of my professor and as aforementioned, I did all the tasks and the readings. I also assimilate what I have learned every now and then especially when I read some news about the health care delivery system in the country and how the legislators are planning to bring about change to it that would please not only them but the benefactors, the citizens of this country, as well.

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