Health and social care setting

Matthew’s from a single parent family. He is the oldest of four children with three younger sisters and is the only male in the house. The family have no religion and have an English background. Matthews’s father left when he was 7 years, the father was very abusive and violent towards Matthew’s mother and the family have had on contact with their father. Since his father left Matthew has been very upset and has shown resentment towards his mother and shown patterns of copying his father’s behaviour.

The family are very poor since their father left and have lived on benefits since. Psychological makeup: 1. Bowlby’s (1966) theory of attachment. According to the theory of attachment, ‘deprivation of mother love in early childhood can have far-reaching determinal effects on the development of personality’ Bowlby’s theory of separation 2. Berkowitz theory of aggression ‘some kind of behaviour either physical or symbolic carried out with the intention to harm someone’ Incidence:

When Matthew was in class doing group activities with other students in the class, they were asked to describe there family, when Matthew was describing his father, another boy in his group said Matthew never had a father and other members in the group laughed he became aggressive and abusive which resulted in Matthew hitting the boy and shouting in the class and other group members. Matthew was then sent out by his teacher where he stormed out shouting. Rate of occurrence:

Matthew would be abusive towards his family on a regular basis, he would occasionally use violence and aggression toward his mother. At school Matthew underachieves in class and has regular special needs as he finds school difficult, but he generally get on well with his teachers and other students and can be very polite in class. He can become aggressive when playing football at break times and is sometimes taken in a break times because of this, but apart from this Matthew is described as a pleasant member of his class and is always a helpful student.

Actual characteristics: Matthew shows aggression mostly towards his mother using verbal aggression and occasional violence, which his father use to display to his mother often in the presence of Matthew. Matthew becomes aggressive when his mother says no to him he then resorts to violence to get what he wants. This is often done by shouting, swearing and occasionally hitting his mother. He also shows resentment towards his sisters as he feels he’s left out, and his sisters get more then him.

Matthew often stays out late and some nights doesn’t come home, and when his mother tells him to stay in he shows more aggression and says no one can tell him what to do. E2 Provide a clear description of the ways in which cares workers interact with the clients with the chosen behaviour in a particular health and social care setting. Informal Interaction: Informal interaction involves doing your job but not professionally. This could involve talking about family issues with the client or touching or cuddling the client. Formal Interaction: Formal interactions involve speaking to the client in a professional manner.

Matthew does not like the teacher to behave formally around him because he like attention and this does not make him feel special. Formal interactions involve speaking to the class as a whole when setting work pr giving instructions. When the teacher does this Matthew becomes disruptive, as he wants to get his teachers attention he also does this by showing violence’s towards other students sitting by him. Other formal interactions can be teaching the class at a steady pace and involving all students in classroom discussions. Verbal Communication: verbal communication involves how you talk to the client.

The first theory Bowlby’s maternal deprivation relates to Matthew as he is the oldest of four children and his father left when he was only seven, since then he has lived with his mother and has been the only male …

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