General fitness

I have reasonable strength and especially elastic strength which is short outbursts of strength, I use this strength all the time within netball like when the centre pass is taking place I have to run into the centre third and keep up with the goal attack this takes a lot of strength to do this efficiently as I have to react to when the whistle is blown and push of from the third line as fast as possible.

Maximum strength is also very useful to me and I am also rather good at using it within my game of netball like when I am jumping to intercept the ball or to receive a pass as a lot of the time they can be high passes and I am needed to jump to gain the ball and stop the opposing team from gaining possession.

I think I am good at these sort of strengths as I have good muscle definition and reaction time so am able to respond with short outbursts or jump quickly for the ball. Strength endurance is maybe my weakest out of the three strengths which I think could be because my stamina isn’t very good and so I can sometimes find it hard and become slightly fatigued but with the quarters been only 12 minutes I get to rest a little bit and sort my self out. Agility

When we did the Illinois run to test agility It took me 21secs which is good and within netball it is very good as it means I am capable of changing position and moving around a lot and in a precise manner I am good at this I feel because I have played netball for nearly 8 years and so I have developed this fitness within the game and improves it and so it comes like second nature to me and I move with the game and the pace of the game and as that involves a lot of changing positions it has made my agility a lot better I think this is a strength of mine as I have quick reaction times and so find it easy to react to reaching the cone and needing to turn. Suppleness Having good suppleness is very good as a netball player as it enables me to move with the game as I move and change direction a lot so it is extremely useful. I think I have good suppleness for the same reason as I have reasonable agility as it is an important fitness component used within the game I have played for eight years and so I will have gradually gained and improved how good I am at it. Reaction time

Within the ruler drop test which we did in fitness training I got an excellent score of 42 and so this shows I have good reaction times which is useful as I need to read the game and react quickly to what is going on, where the ball is and where the other team members are. I have always had good reactions I am not sure why this is it could be because I have a lot of other strong points and I know the rules and values of netball very well and so don’t take time to hesitate and think about what will happen I jus know and get on with it I think my reaction times are good as I have excellent hand eye coordination and good concentration and so find it easy to react to a stimulus quickly. Interception

I have very good interception skills, which is very good as a defence player as my main objective is to stop the other team from gaining possession of the ball and scoring. I am tall and have good maximum strength fitness and so am able to jump around well, which is needed to jump for the ball or in front of other players to gain the ball I feel I am good ad intercepting as I am tall and good at jumping so find it easy getting in the way of the ball and players. Pivoting I have good agility but not good balance however even so I still feel I am reasonable at pivoting as within the game I try extremely hard and feel more able to do a lot of things probably because I am good at reading the game and going with it.

I think the main reason I am good at this is because I used to get pulled up about it a lot in training and matches when I first started playing and then for my GCSE level PE I did a training method for pivoting and it helped me improve dramatically. Overhead pass Out of all the passes I would say this is one of the ones I am better at I am strong and like to throw hard and fast and so this is how the ball travels when I use this throw also as I am a defender I need to try and get the ball away from the opposition as quickly and efficiently as I can and a good high over head throw is the best way of doing this.

My Weaknesses Coordination This is one of my weaknesses within the fitness components, when I tested it I scored 15 on a coordination ball throw, which is average, as I couldn’t coordinate where it the ball was going with where my hands were going.

I am very disappointed with this and feel I can do a lot better as within the game I never miss a pass and more than not I aim the ball in the correct place and so I thought my hand eye coordination would have been better than it was and so I think I will choose to try and improve this as I really wasn’t happy with my results. Think the reason for such a low score could have been that I haven’t been well recently and as this was one of the last activities I did I was fatigued and aching however as I am getting better I should hopefully be able to improve this without to much hard work. Stamina We did the bleep test to test stamina in PE and I only scored a level of 5 which is very bad.

And so out of all the fitness components and skills stamina is by far the worst for me as I can become easily fatigued within the game and generally I have always had the problem even though I am an active person and enjoy a wide range of activities the fact that the match is in quarters and not halves is very good as it gives me a bit of a breather and time to recuperate as much as possible also I get a very short bit of time when someone scores and we go back to out starting positions.

I am not sure how to improve this as I am already very active however I am going to read up on it and figure out what I can do. Balance When we did the stalk stand to test balance in out fitness testing I scored 15 which is average I was quite impressed with this as I don’t feel it is my strongest point however it is important to have good balance within my game, within a gaming situation I think my balance is adequate however it could be better. I need to be able to balance when marking and landing and so it is important that I try and improve on this.

I also do not think my balance is as good, as I can be quite clumsy and often loose my balance when turning as my feet don’t seem to move as quick as I think they are. Bounce pass The bounce pass is the pass in which I am worst at as I never really use it I predominantly use the other passes as I try and get the ball as far away from the oppositions shooting third as I can and the bounce as is not good for this and so I use over head and shoulder passes as they are high and travel a lot further. I think with practice I will become better however it may not be essential for me to do this as like I have said I don’t really use it that much and it could be better to concentrate on balance and stamina as they will be good for both in my game and my general fitness.

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