Fitness planning

My aim is to work firstly on my aerobic fitness. Within my aerobic fitness I would check how fit I am after a simple test/exercise such as bleep test and circuit training. I would also aim to prove more on my flexibility by stretching more often, and concentrating on my leg muscle sections. Improving anaerobic fitness by doing more warm-ups before an exercise, or playing football, and warm down after a match.

I would do this frequently to sustain myself from injury. I would also work on my agility and speed, which is a major factor that I can improve prior to my speed already. Safety is a key factor, which I must take into consideration during my game. I must firstly have my correct equipment/kit, for example making sure I have the correct football boots on the correct ground/Astroturf. Also I must make sure that I carry equipments carefully such as weights. To ensure safety I would bend my knees to lift the weights. Again I would warm-up and warm-down to prevent injuries. Lastly one important fact that I must understand is to always make sure that am in the right frame of mind (mental) and not being stressed.

There are different ways I can carry out my fitness. I would involve myself with aerobic running and continuous running to improve my aerobic fitness. Also include fartlek training and interval training which would increase my aerobic system in football, since I wouldn’t be working at the same pace. To increase strength I must carry weights (endurance and dynamic strength) to be capable of barging other players. Circuit training would be a helpful method and bleep tests to show if my stamina has increased. Below is a few specific fitness’s that I would concentrate on.

Agility: Needs to be improved so I will be able to change direction with the ball at ease, and to change my body position quickly. Improve on explosive strength or power: As a defender/midfielder I must be able to have enough strength to barge players as well as speed. Improve coordination: this would allow me to move my body parts smoothly and accurately in response to my senses. For example heading the ball at the right time.

Good sense of timing: Being able to control the ball skilfully at the right time. Stamina: Need to improve fitness to keep me going for the whole 90 minutes. Timing: Improve my timing towards tackles, shooting and heading. Speed: Improve my pace and acceleration with the ball to get pass players Balance: Improve balance ability during skills, so performing skills would be easy, instead of wobbling whilst doing skill. The four principles that I must take into consideration are as follows. Specificity-improving my leg muscles for speed and flexibility. Performing more stretches and jogs would take an effect.

Overload-improve legs and arms and push them harder than usual. Linking to Overload I must include F.I.T (Frequency, Intensity, Time). Progression- making sure I don’t force my muscles to become fitter, but to allow them progress gradually. Reversibility- exercising constantly and not stopping for long periods of time. Referring to my programme would be of help, which would enable me to continue, and not stop. Aerobic and anaerobic thresholds must be maintained as well. I have managed to find out that the formula for my maximum heart rate is: – 220-your age Which would correspond to 220-16=206 beats per minute.

The threshold for anaerobic would be 80% of max, and the aerobic would be 60% of max. With the anaerobic system I did encounter some pain, which was caused by the build up of lactic acid, and is explained later on in more detail. Evaluating Evaluation of planning the programme In this section I would analyse how the programme went and the various aspects of training came about. Firstly I would talk on how the bleep test affected my fitness. The bleep test was a fairly complex exercise that required mental and physical awareness. My bleep tests scores we decent on behalf of it being my first experience.


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