General aspect of universal health services

The main purpose for health care for all is to provide medical services to the entire citizens without discriminations. The government offer health services on minimum cost in order to enhance equal quality health services and medical care for all. On the other hand private health services can be allowed to offer health services to those who can meet their conditions and terms of operations. In other word, private health care cannot be assured to the poor because of the expensive cost they charge on their services.

Normally, clients seeking medical care from public or private hospitals depend on the financial capability of an individual. This is because, private hospitals offer expensive medical care that is afforded by many as compared to public ones. This is because experienced practitioners who defect working with the government mostly start private hospitals. Beside that, private hospitals are after profits as opposed to public hospitals that provide services for all. However, private hospitals tend to handle cases in which chances of complications are few but more profitable.

If private practitioners find that a case is complicated, they prefer sending those patients to public hospitals, meaning that private hospitals are not fully reliable. Although Canada has managed to provide all inclusive health care and services, there is still a problem because many people have to queue for long waiting for admission in public hospitals. Therefore, there are delayed medical services especially at the voluntary surgical departments. According to the study by Commonwealths Fund, “around 23. 78% waited for more than 4 hrs in tragedy rooms.

” This is also available on a letter written to the Wall Street journal; Robert S. Bell. Long waiting for admission in the emergency rooms is what makes the Canadians to prefer private hospitals due to dissatisfaction in the public domain beside other factors. In the process, private hospitals are denied chances to operate. If the government will delay passing contentious bill that relate to implementing communal health care, abuse of human rights can arise whereby the patients are denied access to medical care (Lawrence, 2005).

Another problem that arises is scarcity of doctors. Canadians have privileged life span as compared to Americans and lesser infant death rates. However, Canada has a smaller number of doctors per capita than US. Actually, the cause for the above-mentioned differences in health care provision and diversion between these two states is because; Canada was able to introduce a publicly funded medical system that was easily adapted. Again; the government of Canada is able to pass her legislative bills with a lot of ease

In general, in poor countries, private hospitals provide good health care to the people. This is because the little rich people are able to meet the cost charged in private hospitals. On the other hand, public hospitals in developing countries offer poor services to its citizens due to lack of proper medical facilities and due to corruption. The issue of corruption arises because many government doctors prefer starting their private clinics, whereby they smuggle or use government drugs to treat their patients.

Beside the issue of corruption and poor services, health care for all does not create a space for competition. When private hospitals compete with the public hospitals, there is a room for bettering services and improving the assurance of safe and reliable health care. When it comes to developed countries, public hospitals are able to provide quality health care to its citizens. This is because the government has enough facilities to meet the demand of the patients. In these countries, private hospitals compete with public hospitals but Public hospitals provide quality medical care for all.

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