Fruit and vegetables

A well balanced diet rich in protective nutrients can determine what disease we could avoid or succumb to. A high intake of certain vegetables, fibres, antioxidant vitamins such as beta-carotene (strengthens the immune system), Vitamin C(See vitamin chart) and Vitamin E(see vitamin chart) could prevent cancer. A regular consumption of fruit and vegetables are known to reduce the risk of cancer. To encourage more consumption of fruit and vegetables, government has launched a 5 a Day logo on pre-packed fruit and vegetables.

To make sure you get all of the nutrients and other substances needed for health, choose the recommended number of daily servings from each of the five major food groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat and beans.

It is important for people of all ages to maintain a healthy weight. Physical activity is an important way to use food energy. Extreme thinness is also unhealthy. People who eat very little or diet excessively may not get the calories and other nutrients they need for good health. Choose a diet that provides no more than 30 percent of total calories from fat. The upper limit on the grams of fat in your diet will depend on the calories you need Maximum Total Fat Intake at Different Calorie Levels8[10]

You are what you eat, and there is a lot of truth in the statement. The type of food we eat directly affects our health and overall well being. After eating fried food, our body feels sluggish and heavy, it is not healthy and not good for the body. However, when we eat nutrient rich food, our body feels goods, energy levels are high and we feel healthy overall. Nutrition is an important aspect of good health, what we put into our body, we will see the effects too. There is a lot of importance placed on individuals these days regarding nutrition especially to children in school. A healthy diet together with physical activity will keep you free from illnesses. It is not necessary to become a vegetarian or a health nut, but to cut back on unhealthy habits and eat properly is necessary to avoid illnesses and diseases.

When applying for a uniformed public service Physical Fitness is the ‘ability of the human body to meet demands imposed by the environment and daily life’ (Encarta 1999). In the Army the environment could be harsh and would require a person to be physically strong and be able to survive in all sorts of terrain and you may have to walk for miles. Physical fitness helps recruits meet those demands that the environment may place. Fitness tests not only show their strengths and weakness at a particular time but also show their potential so they can identify what they can do producing a marker to see if army life is the right one for them. For example if a recruit can do the 1.5 mile run well then their fitness can be developed and improved so that they are able to do 5 or six miles that may be required when on an operation. (

In terms of actual test the Army use the 1.5 mile run, press up test which is the amount of press you can do in two minutes, and the sit up test (as many in two minutes). In order to pass the twelve weeks of basic training they have to do the 1.5 mile run in under 10mins 30 sec for males for jobs and faster times for the infantry. The time is also different for females’ people going into different areas of the Army.

You also have to do a certain number for the other two tests. The press up tests is a good way of showing how well a person can lift their bodyweight and shows their upper body strength and endurance. This could be very important when on the assault causes the Army use because being able to lift your body is needed to get over obstacles. The test is also beneficial because when completing the assault courses you have to do it with Army with military equipment such as a helmet, rife and other kit where strength and endurance is needed.

Research has proven that most Americans do not take the required amount of vegetables as well as fruits in their diet. This is substituted by an over indulgence in starch, fat and protein which has led to the obesity problem …

The score for the chin up test was quite good; as I have improved from the previous times I have completed the test. In evaluating I am comparing results with the ‘norm of the population’ (Davis, Bull and Roscoe 1997, …

The range of food substances in a ketogenic diet may range from cream, butter and peanut butter. Foods rich in carbohydrates include; bread, pasta fruits and vegetables. The diet has to be strictly adhered to as any slight deviation may …

When a person talks about health it means the general conditions of the body or mind, especially in terms of the presence or absence of illnesses, injuries or impairments. This doesn’t, on the other hand, (to some people) mean that …

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