East End Foods

This Foods Company has been around for a long time they have 35years of experience, they act as a leading foods supplier in the Indian market. The annul income for this company is about over �100million. The east end company is a well trusted supplier of high quality ethnic foods, there products are transported many multiple places such as stores, supermarkets and shops etc. since the east end store has made a new base in the west midlands they have been progressing more.

There plants are based at the centre of the national distribution network. There are many people that depend on the east end company; mostly it is Asians that depend on the east end products. East end is one of the largest importers of Indian foods that import in the UK. About 16.86% of spices are in the UK because of east end.

The east end company has a wide rage of products, they have 1250 lines that source them around the globe they also act as a distribution agent, but this is only for some of the prominent names in the Indian food industry. This company also likes to continually develop new products. It is an ongoing marketing researching company they are the new product innovators in the area. Apart from that the directors go to all of the suppliers around the globe to make sure that the company is reaching there standards and are producing high quality products.

They also have a large amount of stock with at least 98% availability when needed. They also have a fast and dependable delivery service that gets companies there goods on time, they transport there goods with a modern transport fleet. They invest in technology for there company so that they can provide a better service for there customers. They had spent �6million to open a new plant in February 2005 and they also had high quality machines and technology that will help keep the company to run.

They have an official approval from EFSIS and BRC, these both are suppliers that check the food company before they can supply there goods. But now the company is originally reducing the insect killing chemicals so that they are not noticed. The company has some products without artificial colouring. In the early 1980s an agreement entitled ‘A Common Strategy for Improving Health and Safety in the Food and Drink Industries’ was drawn up between HSE’s Food NIG, the FDF (the main umbrella trade association for the food and drink industries) and the 4 main trade unions represented in the food industries – GMB, T&G, USDAW and the bakers trade union BFAWU.

This agreement set out the main health and safety priorities in the food industries and actions required by employers, trade unions and HSE to reduce accidents which were running at twice the incidence rate of manufacturing generally. Over the next decade the number of reported injuries in the food industries decreased and by 2000 the incidence rate for injuries had dropped by 12% (twice that of manufacturing generally) and the total number of injuries reported had dropped by 24%. In some food sectors, such as dairy, meat processing, sugar confectionery, grain milling and bread production, injury rates dropped by 25-35%. The number of fatal injuries nearly halved over the decade.

In 2000 the FDF, trade unions and HSE Food Section agreed that the Common Strategy needed revision so as to better reflect the HSC/DETR Revitalising Health and Safety initiative. The revised document is attached as an appendix. The revised Common Strategy sets out the challenge, areas for improvement, objectives and proposed injury reduction and occupational ill health targets. It also sets out agreed actions for the FDF, trade unions and HSE and suggested actions for other food and drink trade associations, food companies and safety committees/groups.

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