Disease Questionnaire

The Disease Questionnaire is designed to test your current knowledge regarding disease and its impact on society, after you have completed the required readings. Be prepared to discuss the questionnaire in class.

b. Hand-washing
c. Eating right
d. Using a tissue when sneezing

2. Actions that can lead to cancer prevention include which of the following? a. Protect skin from sun exposure
b. Perform regular breast / testicular exams
c. Do not smoke
d. All of the above

3. What are three common predisposing factors that make a person more susceptible to disease? a. Age, stress, and ethnicity
b. Stress, ethnicity, and physical features
c. Age, stress, and heredity
d. Heredity, physical features, and place of birth

4. This type of immune response is destructive instead of defensive: a. Specific Immunity
b. Cortisol
c. Allergy
d. Phagocytosis

5. The number of cases of a disease occuring at a specific time in a certain population is its: a. Prognosis
b. Prevalence
c. Pathogenesis
d. Promotion

6. Infection refers to which of the following?
a. Relates to breathing mechanism
b. Inflammation of tissue due to invasion of pathogens c. Hypertension
d. Hypoxia

7. Approximately how many deaths were there worldwide from cancer in 2005? a. 7,600
b. 76,000
c. 760,000
d. 7,600,000

8. An individual that has an ill, thin, wasted appearance is said to have: a. Malignant
b. Gangrene
c. Autoimmune
d. Cachexia

9. Palliative care focuses on which of the following?
a. Physical therapy and education
b. Surgical procedure
c. Prevention of pain and discomfort but not curing the disease d. Diagnostic test performed in disease diagnosis

10. The smallest infectious agent below is:
a. Virus
b. Protozoa
c. Fungi
d. Helminth

This assignment is due in Week One.

|Content |Points |Points |Additional | |100 Percent |Available |Earned |Comments: | | |10 |X/10 | | |Completed questionnaire | | | | |Able to discuss | | | | |Organization/Development – N/A |Points |Points |Additional | |0 Percent |Available |Earned |Comments: | | |0 |X/0 | | |Not applicable | | | | |Mechanics – N/A |Points |Points |Additional | |0 Percent |Available |Earned |Comments: | | |0 |X/0 | | |Not applicable | | | | | |Total |Total | | | |Available |Earned | | | |10 | | |.

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