Diet and Nutrition

In order to gain a healthy life, a well balanced diet with fresh nutritious foods, combined with a regular exercise is the best way to do this. We must balance the energy we take in with the energy we use so the equation should be something like this: energy intake = energy used. E.g. if we take in 15000kj of energy we must use 16000kj through physical exercise. This is to increase fitness and decrease weight. So if we take in 15000kj but if we only use up 12000kj then we will gain weight, as the extra 3000kj will be stored as fat. But if we take in 12000kj and use 12000kj then we will lose weight. The best way to lose weight is to decrease our energy intake and increase our activity level. To become fitter you must increase your intake of carbohydrates and decrease the intake of proteins because carbohydrates are a resource of energy which is why it is vital to “carbo load”.

A balanced, healthy diet should consist high of fresh fruit and vegetables, high in whole grains such as brown rice, bread and pasta, moderate in meat and fish, limited in fats and sugars. My meals should be planned from the guidelines of below. Proteins Protein is normally used for rebuilding muscle and body tissue but can also be used for emergency supplies of energy when carbohydrate stores are depleted, for instance towards the end of a long duration, high intensity exercise period.

Many people assume that eating more protein will make them stronger and bigger, it won’t. The body can only usefully use a certain amount and, although excess protein is excreted by the body, very high intakes can put undue strain on the liver and kidneys additionally, part of the excess protein may be stored as fat, an equally unwelcome prospect. Protein should comprise only 12-15 per cent of a total diet.

Fat Fat is stored as fat tissue around the internal organs, within the muscles and under the skin and is used as a long term energy store. Fat consumption should be kept to a minimum, especially in the case of inactive people. Fat takes longer than carbohydrate to be transformed into energy, and excess fat soon builds up around the body and can lead to overweight and health problems such as heart disease and abdominal blood pressure. However, a certain amount of fat is important in the diet as it is a valuable source of essential fatty acids and the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. More importantly, it is required for its protective and insulation factors and for the crucial role it plays in the proper functioning of the female hormones.

Carbohydrate Carbohydrate is stored mainly as glycogen in the muscles and liver and used for short term energy supplies. It is a good food source for all of us, but especially for athletes and the physically active, as it is quickly transformed by the body into energy. If carbohydrate is excluded as part of a weight loss programme, as is often the case in low calorie or crash dieting, the result will be a loss of muscle for is emergency stores.

Carbohydrates split into two groups: simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. In a healthy diet, it’s the complex carbohydrates we need most, particularly the whole grain version, since these offer greater fiber content. During my pep I shall try to cut down on foods such as cakes, confectionary and biscuits since these contain both fat and sugar ad do not offer the same level of nutritional value.

On this exercise I must have a partner. The red doughnuts symbolize cones. We start off with a rally, the I make an overhead shot and as soon as I do I run around the cone and come back to make another overhead shot and run around the cone again, by which this time my partner would have started to run as well around his cone. This exercise increases my ability to make overhead shots and also increases my endurance.

Drop shot If I want to make a good drop shot I rally with my opponent making overhead shots, sending him/her to the back of the court and then I bluff an overhead shot and I drop shot him/her. To do this you must do the motion of an overhead shot, but before you hit the shuttle cock you must do this action softly (see diagram above). I shall do this with a partner and this will increase my accuracy skills. Also, to further increase my accuracy shots, I shall make shots to certain cones on the court with or without my partner. This will increase my accuracy yet again.

Warm Up It is important to warm up as it would decrease the chances of injury. The warm ups below will be part of my warm up before my circuit and Fartlek training. Before warming up I will jog for about 5 mins whilst I side step with high knees and bum flicks.

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