Developing an After school Wellness Program

One may realize that in order for any program to derive successful outcomes, it is recommended that family members participate in programs patterned for the obese child, it can be noted that parents and sibling that serve as role models for these children often feel loved and therefore can provide better success of the programs (CDC 1997).

Riding bicycles, Outdoor walks or swimming activities can be fun activities that also make children feel good and may not be construed as a chore they need to do to lose weight; it can just be construed as a family activity when parents and siblings are involved, rather than a taxing responsibility they must endure in order to please the parent and become more healthy.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends schools set up policies that encourage enjoyable, lifelong physical activity among young adults. (CDC, 1997). Their guidelines state, “Physical education should emphasize skills for lifetime physical activities (e. g. , dance, strength training, and jogging. Swimming, bicycling, cross-country skiing, walking, and hiking) rather than those for competitive sports.

” (CDC, 1997) These experts also advocate that activities to enhance fitness and adaptation of a more healthy behavior become an important aspect of the family’s lifestyle. As the child’s school tends to be the second home of most children, with them spending half of their lifetimes in school and good deal of their days there, it can be considered as a good avenue to start a wellness program for children, not necessarily the obese ones, in order to help prevent and cure the worsening case of obesity in children.

This increasing occurrence of obesity in children may be attributed in part to increased sedentary behavior, such as watching television, which leads to less energy expended in physical activity. It has been theorized that by middle school, many children lack the physical skills or self-confidence to participate in competitive physical activities and involvement in various activities in school It is believed that an increased physical activity relative to the customary physical activities at home.

The aim of the afterschool program should be, information dissemination and education, activities that enhance physical movements like dance exercises and sports activities, and other outdoor activities like games that promote physical activities, gardening and adventure education plus development of good eating habits by healthy cook outs and development of new healthy recipes by the children themselves, this can and will encourage children’s eating habits.

One may note that as the saying goes, “knowledge is power”, this part of the program aims to educate the children and if at all possible their parents with the effects of being obese and the effects of unhealthy diets and attitudes, the risks and the concerns associated with children being obese, what it implies for them as they grow up, physically, mentally and socially, this will also enable to children to know and realize the facts and its implications on them on their own and might foster an heightened awareness on their parts.

It is also of note that the education can also promote knowledge with alternative food and other healthy alternatives that can be surmised for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle not only for the child but for the whole family as well. Doctors, dietician and other nutrition experts can be employed in order to facilitate this. It might be of note that when a noted expert is tasked with information dissemination the people are more apt to believe than rather than teachers or principals to disseminate the information.

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