Circuit training Activity Analysis

Speed is the time taken to move the body or part of the body over a given distance in netball you need a lot of speed in order for you to move around the court quickly and to chase the ball. In netball you need quite a lot of general endurance especially if you are playing the position of centre. This allows you to move around the court effectively, linking the attack and defence. In netball strength is needed to pass the ball effectively. Stamina is the ability to go for long periods of time without tiring, stamina is needed in netball because a netball match lasts 45 minutes. Also my training session will take place in mid season.

Suppleness is the range of movement at a joint. Flexibility is needed for all sports as poor flexibility and stiffness while playing netball makes the body more likely to injure tendons and ligaments in violent movements. Agility is the ability to change the body’s position and direction quickly. You need to be agile when playing netball. It helps you avoid injury, get to the ball, and dodge opponents. Balance is the ability to hold a posture without wobbling or falling over. In netball balance is needed to land properly and while shooting. Co ordination is the ability to move your body parts smoothly and accurately in response to what your senses tell you. In netball co ordination is needed to pass and catch the ball.

Speed of reaction is the time you to respond to a stimulus, fast reactions is an advantage in most sports. A good speed of reaction is needed to play netball.The training activity can take many forms, but it should be interesting as well as useful. The exercises should be varied and relate to the sport that you are training for. Prolonged work on a small number of exercises can become boring and the effects of the training will be reduced. When choosing exercises it is important to remember the principles of overload, progression, specificity and reversibility.

The cool down The cool down is important as it helps your body to return to normal. When a hard physical training session ends, an increased supply of blood is maintained in the muscles. This is because it is important to get rid of any oxygen debt that might have developed; however the blood should be returned to general circulation as soon as possible to avoid pooling. If pooling occurs it can contribute to the feeling of faintness and dizziness. the type of exercises to be that should be included are the ones in the

The warm up should include a cardiovascular bit to raise your heart rate and to warm up your muscles and then – static, passive and active stretches to increase flexibility. My warm up for my training will be specific to netball. -My warm up will start off with a gentle jog around the netball court for about 5 minutes, this will warm up my muscles, and it makes them more flexible and lowers the risk of injury. It also increases my heart rate and blood flow. It warms up my synovial fluid and will make my joints more mobile. -I will then stretch my muscles and I will be working at all the joints, this is done to avoid any muscles, tendons and ligaments getting strained. I will be holding the stretch for at least 10 seconds without bouncing.

I will be carrying out the following stretches: Neck- stand shoulder width apart, tilt head to the left and feel a strain on the right side of neck. Do the same with the right side. Tilt head forward and feel the stretch at the back of neck. Hold each stretch for 10 seconds. Triceps- standing feet shoulder width apart bring right arm behind back and rest on shoulder blade. Take left arm and pull right elbow towards right ear. Feel the tricep stretch and hold for 10 seconds without bouncing. Repeat with left arm Hamstrings- stand with feet a few inches apart, place right leg in front with the heel to the floor by bending the other leg feel the stretching the hamstrings, hold for 10 seconds without bouncing.

Quadriceps- stand normally with feet shoulder width apart. Lift right leg by bending it at the knee. With your hands hols the leg close to the gluteus maximus muscle. Feeling the stretch at the front of the leg hold it for 10 seconds without bouncing and repeat with left leg. Groin- place the right leg away from the left a few inches apart than when you stand with legs shoulder width apart. Lean right wards and feel the stretch in the groin muscle.

Hold for 10 seconds without bouncing and repeat with left side. Gastronomies- stand straight with your feet a few inches apart. Place right leg in front of left and lean forwards. Make sure that both fee tare pointing in the same direction. Stretch both arms out in front of you and you should be able to feel the stretch in the back of your right leg. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds without bouncing then repeat with left leg. Ankles- stand with your feet a few inches apart, and hold out right ankle in front of you, without it touching the ground, rotate it clockwise for 5 seconds and anti clockwise for 5 seconds, repeat with left leg. I also need to a netball related warm up; I plan to do agility runs in the court from each third line and then shooting into the nearest hoop. As well as working my muscles it also helps to prepare me mentally.

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