Career of a paramedic

Making quick decisions and assessing patients condition: when a paramedic is called over to a scene or an accident or emergency they need to make quick decisions because they are putting the patient’s life in danger if they don’t then the patient will suffer more from he/she injury or accident paramedics also need to make quick decisions because of so much going on at the scene they cannot take the risks of putting their life and the patient’s life in danger. They also need to assess the patient’s condition so that the condition does not become worse, and that might cause a death or a serious problem.

Recording information: for a paramedic to record information of the patient’s condition is really important because the information is then passed on to the doctors for further treatment, the information is important so that the patient gets given the right medication also for a medical history that will be needed in the future. Contacting patient’s family or relatives: when discussing the matter or incident to a family or relative a paramedic needs to be calm this is because some family or relative member can sometimes be aggressive or difficult to contribute with, so paramedics need to have a good skill and experience in order to know how to deal with problems like these, so that they don’t get into trouble.

Driving a wide variety of vehicles: it is important that a paramedic is qualified to drive different types of vehicles such as bikes, motorbikes, cars, this is important because different type of accidents happen in different types of places and different types of vehicles can go to that place. For example an accident happening in an overcrowded and busy place a paramedic cannot get there with a car as it is crowded so they need to use something like a bike to get their quicker and save time which means more survival time for the patient.

To become a paramedic you have to be physically fit and highly skilled. You have to make decisions quickly and use a variety of equipment, and be able to calm and reassure your patients. To become a paramedic you do need a qualification there are many stages that you need to accomplish to become a paramedic this is because paramedics need to be highly experienced and have a very good knowledge of what it takes to be one.( Information used is from the “GCSE Additional Applied Science- Life Care Module” published by oxford. There are many qualifications needed in order to become a paramedic at the bottom you can see that there is a list of them and an explanation of how each one is done and why it’s needed.

As you can see from above there is list all the qualifications in steps and what qualification is needed after the other until you become a paramedic. The four GCSE’s are needed to get into ambulance and care assistant qualification the amount of time it takes to get four GCSE’s depends on how you progress at school and how well you do at your subjects it should take about 2 years. It is needed so that you are ready to move on to a different course and qualification.

The ambulance care assistant qualification is an emergency service that deals with important cases. An ambulance care assistant teams up with a paramedic in a vehicle that is fully equipped with everything and anything the paramedic needs. They deal with minor injuries to more serious injuries such as road accidents and crashes involving patients, the course last for about 2 or 3 weeks they learn things such as moving and handling techniques so that when they are handling an injured patient they do not harm the patient’s life further, another thing they learn is first aid, basic patient skills and safe driving skills this is important because a paramedic needs to know how they should use first aid kits and when they need to use them also they need to know how to drive vehicles safely so that they do not harm their lives or any other peoples.

For example when they are driving fast to a accident scene they need to make sure that they are aware of the pedestrians and the roads. After you are qualified as an ambulance care assistant you move on to become an ambulance technician, they are member of the accident and emergency crew who work with paramedic; they also give patients the full care they need. After completing this qualification there is a written and practical exam that test you on your knowledge of what it takes to become a paramedic and what you have learnt. After the exam if you have passed it you move on to finally becoming a paramedic.

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