Cardio-vascular fitness 

When comparing my results of the shuttle run to those of the Northern Ireland average I was able to clearly see that I had performed badly. My result was quite low. In Gaelic football cardio-vascular endurance is required as it is used to provide and sustain energy aerobically. I feel that this may be one of the main components which I need to work on, throughout my six-week training programme as it is very important in relation to Gaelic Football.

The next test that I carried out was the flexibility test. I feel that my results obtained for this was satisfactory as it was above that of the Northern Ireland average by 5cm. Flexibility is also important in Gaelic football, as the athlete has to bend to pick up the ball. I don’t think that flexibility would classify as one of the important components, which I need to focus on. The next test that I carried out was the standing jump test, which is used to test muscular power. I feel that my score in this was acceptable as it was close to the average of 195cm, it is required in Gaelic football as it generates the maximum force and I feel that the result I received is satisfactory.

The next test was the test for muscular endurance, I found this one quite tough as I became quite tired during it. I scored 50 overall and the Northern Ireland average is 65. Muscular endurance is an important components in relation to Gaelic football as a high level of muscular endurance is required to withstand the pace of a sixty minute Gaelic match. I feel that if I focused on this component in, my training programme it would improve my performance in a Gaelic match.

The hand Grip test was the next that I carried out, my score in this wasn’t very pleasing as I only scored 31kg and the Northern Ireland average is 42kg. The hand grip test is used to record muscular strength, which is also important in relation to Gaelic football. The final test, which I carried out was the 10 x 5m shuttle run which is used to test for speed. Speed is required in Gaelic football but an athlete will perform best if they complement their speed with the other fitness components. I feel that the score I received for this test was satisfactory and that there are other components, which require more focus.

After analysing my results I feel that the two components, which I should focus on are: Muscular Endurance Below can be seen the two fitness components which I have chosen to focus on. Cardiovascular fitness I will need to focus on this aspect in order to keep up fitness levels and to improve them. In doing this it will enable me to be able to keep up with my opponent to prevent her from getting away. As a centre-half back player I know how important it is to be efficient in order to keep the ball from coming into defence and producing a dangerous situation of a score for the opposition. An attacking half back always needs to be concentrating on the ball in order to ‘attack’ the ball and carry it back up to their scoring area.

Muscular Endurance. I will need to focus on this aspect, as Gaelic football requires a high level of muscular endurance during a game, it requires you to be constantly on your toes and ready to go. I feel that this is one of the most important aspects which I need to improve as muscular endurance is required throughout the whole game as a full effort needs to be placed from start to finish. It is also required when the athlete is soloing and hand passing.

Safety Considerations In terms of good practice and for safety considerations every training session should commence with a thorough warm up and equally important should conclude with a cool down. The following section will address the components of a warm up and a cool down and examine the importance of including these into any training regime. The importance of Warm-Up The purpose of a warm up is to get your body moving, begin raising your body temperature, it will stretch muscles, move your joints and get energy pathways working so that the proper fuel is getting to your muscles.

A proper warm up will prepare your body for the workout and will make the work feel easier than it would if you started out cold. A thorough warm up can reduce the risk of injury. It can assist the body to achieve a state of readiness for vigorous activity and enhances the performance of movement required for exercise.

Warm ups can provide physiological benefits for the performance which has also lead to an enhanced performance. Some of which can be seen below. According to ‘Wesson Et Al’  Warm ups can prepare the body muscles for the exercise activity they will be participating in.  Warm ups release adrenaline to the heart, therefore increasing heart rates, this means a greater level of oxygen will be transported to the working muscles by an increased delivery speed. Increased muscle temperatures increase muscle metabolism and therefore ensures a readily available source of energy A warm up will lead to increased body temperature, this will help to decrease the chance of muscle injury as there will be increased extensibility and elasticity of muscle fibres therefore leading to increased speed and force of contractions.

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