Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is the leader in the world in terms of its Cancer research . They are dedicated in terms of their research, treatment and prevention of cancer. Cancer Research Uk was started on the 4th of February 2002. It is a very new non-profit organisation. A non-profit organisation is an organisation that when profit is made it is inserted back into the operation of the organisation, to sustain its purpose and, the profit is not shared out between members. 1 Cancer Research Uk is the result of a merger between two other charities. The charities were “The Cancer Research Campaign” and “The Imperial Cancer Research Fund”

In 1923 doctors left the British Empire Cancer Campaign. In 1970 this movement was declared Cancer Research Campaign. The objective of Cancer Research Uk was to take research away from laboratories in to the hospitals with the patients. At first appearances Cancer Research Uk is a young company but technically when the merger was complete Cancer Research Uk celebrated its centenary A board of council trustees governs the non-profit organisation. The reason for the organisation having a board of trustees is to advise and support the chief executive and the senior management team on the pathways of strategies.

The trustees are made up of people with extensive charity work history. Cancer Research Uk is the world’s largest independent organisation that is dedicated to the research of cancer. They are funded well by donations through the general public. Donations were raised through charity events, volunteering in there stores or even online charity stores. They are the largest single funders of cancer research in the UK. The Cancer Research Uk organisation helps 3,000 scientists, doctors and nurses in the UK. They spend 213 million pounds Sterling annually on their research.

The organisation has a network of 1,000 local groups organising events within community events, and they also have over 600 high street shops. In the shops the organisation sells household goods, clothing and greeting cards, most of which are donated. Their organisation has over 30,000 volunteers who participate in activities such as Organising fundraising events, working in Cancer Research UK shops, working in their office placements or by even running big charitable events. There research is supported in over 30 cities and in over 80 academic centres.

The centres it occupies attract excellence. Scientists internationally come to these centres. The organisation can provide support and training for scientists from all backgrounds, either in the laboratory, clinical or population based cancer research. There research is published through the British journal of Cancer. Its is extremely good giving them stature as the leading in Britain. “BJC publishes high quality original papers and reviews that make a significant contribution to increasing understanding of the causes of cancer and to improving the treatment and survival of patients.

BJC is proud of its editorial independence, high standards, and tradition of serving the international cancer research community – we are one of the world’s leading general cancer journals and our impact factor currently stands at 3. 894, ranking 28/120 for Oncology. “2 Cancer Research Uk is the European leader in development of novel anti-cancer treatments. Cancer Research have started 11 clinical trials, turning an anti cancer agent into a drug that can now be trialed by patients and even found a preventative drug for breast cancer.

All this is helping to sustain their advantage in charity information sector in a crowded charity organisation world, which in the UK consists of more than 800 cancer organisation. Cancer Research operates in a market where many aspects can affect the progress and the sustainability of the organisation. External forces and internal forces can affect the organisation and into which market it is in. The external forces are the macroenvironmental issues that affect the organisation, and the microenvironmental issues are the internal forces that affect the organisation.

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